Feel Light with IREN's Revolutionary Skin Vaporizer

While slathering layers of skincare products may seen like an appropriate idea to treat and repair your skin, having that heavy after-feel is a key factor that many prefer to avoid. Recommended to the forward-thinking beauty junkies, IREN's Skin Vaporizer is the next revolution to applying your skincare, allowing fine-like-air application via vaporizing!

I had the chance to try out IREN's new revolutionary beauty tool and I must say that I'm thoroughly amazed! It doesn't feel like I had anything on my skin at all even after spraying the serum, everything was so lightweight and cool.

The Skin Vaporizer uses pressure boost technology to atomize various kinds of skin care products of high viscosity (up to 3000mpa.s). Having high pressure than the conventional mist spray, the pressure emitted out can go up to 85kPs, enabling the skin care actives to be delivered deeper into the skin for a more effective application.

Upon dispensing, the products are transformed into micron-sized droplets as small as 200nm, finer than the conventional mist sprays in the market. This function enables skin care actives further penetration into the pores, releasing a feather-weight feel onto the skin.

This multi-functional beauty tool can be used in three ways: skincare, makeup and in-between fresh ups. Pop your top three IREN serums into the Skin Vaporizer to attain the lightweight feel! For makeup, achieve a fast and even application when using liquid foundation or highlighters with the Skin Vaporizer. No blending sponges required, and no wah up needed! For a midday freshen-up, air the Skin Vaporizer with IREN Skin Clear Lotion to refresh your skin without ruining your makeup.

The Skin Vaporizer symbolizes a new era in the beauty industry, as this revolutionary beauty tool has the capacity to atomize any aquiform products onto the skin! You can now apply your products in a hands-free and bacteria-free manner, preventing cross-contamination and improving skin health dramatically.

Weighing light at only 27grams, the Skin Vaporizer has a built-in 700mAh lithium-ion polymer battery that is USB chargeable. Light and portable, this device-on-the-go makes a great travel companion and lasts for up to two weeks on a full charge. The Skin Vaporizer is set to be an enhancement from our conventional beauty routine, allowing ultimate ease and convenience.

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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