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Since 1974, Beijing 101 has been dedicated to treating common hair issues such as scalp concerns, hair loss, oily scalp, greying hair, premature or excessive white hair and various patterns of hair loss, in more than 60 countries worldwide. With my busy lifestyle as a salesperson, I often work past midnight and well into my weekends - this stress and late nights cause my scalp to age faster, and in turn, causes hair fall problems.

Thus when I had the chance to review Beijing 101 services, I immediately said yes because I need to see for myself if they can help solve my oily & clogged scalp issues. Check out my before and after photos below, so glad that my hair pores are rid of toxins and are open to absorb nutrients to grow stronger strands of hair after my treatment at Beijing 101!

Firstly, the friendly consultant had me fill up a personalized form to be filled to narrow down to my hair concerns and to choose the right treatment for me. For me it was quite straightforward: I know I have an oily scalp and my pores are usually clogged with oil.

All Beijing 101 treatments use premium-grade Chinese herbs that help to solve hair problems in an integrative and harmonious way, which is in line with TCM practices. Using premium-grade Chinese herbs, the treatments administered by our certified hair therapist and TCM Physicians work in line with TCM principles to treat not just the symptoms of hair and scalp issues, but also the very root of the problem.

A customized treatment plan was recommended for me, and my treatment started off with a cooling mask to remove the oil clogs from my scalp, followed by a soothing massage. The consultant was really skilful and experienced, covering all the vital points during the massage to improve my scalp's blood circulation.

Rinsing away the mask and giving my hair and scalp a great wash. It feels super comfortable lying there and I almost drifted off to sleep! The ambience at Beijing 101's outlet at Funan mall is superbly comfortable and fresh, somehow I feel so relaxed once I step in.

My consultant used a tonic to help regulate my oil production right from my scalp's sebaceous glands, and this tonic can also help with hair growth. It's a win win! After that, this red LED light helmet was put on my scalp to help my pores absorb all that tonic goodness.

The service provided by Beijing 101 consultants was very good, and I felt very comfortable throughout the whole treatment. Tea and biscuits were provided, and there's also everyone's favourite: free fast-speed wifi! It's actually a very conducive work environment also haha.

Left was before, and right was after my treatment!
As you can see from the left photo, my pores were clogged up and my scalp was very oily. This hinders growth of new hair and nutrients cannot get into my pores. After the treatment, my pores were cleaned and open for new hair to grow! When I stepped out of Beijing 101 after my treatment, my scalp also felt very clean and refreshed!

Feeling so refreshed after my treatment at Beijing101! Our scalp ages the fastest and we must also take care of it. If you would like to try out Beijing 101 Intensive Scalp Cleansing Treatment you can get it at an exclusive price on Sample Store here. For only $40, you’ll get to try the treatment and bring home a hair care kit and a pair of movie tickets that is worth $616 in total!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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