Sunday & So On

Sunday was basically volleyball, food.

Took a team photo with coach (who already changed into his referee attire) in flipflops missing some of my teammates. Another victory on Sunday and we just need one more win out of the two more to get into the second round of VAS opens! 

 Went to Lola's Cafe for brunch in our smelly (not really, since we didn't perspire much) jerseys because we were lazy to shower. Good food, good friendly service and good company, what more can we ask for? ^^

Behind the scenes of our phototaking hahaha.


One of my favourite thing to do is playing with Lucky my golden retriever!
 He has such adorable big brown eyes.

 And not to mention how cute he looks when he's at attention with his ears up!!

And ears down when I pat him hehehe.


Just a random snap baring my ugly high forehead. Life has been pretty normal and fulfilling lately, with the occasional thought about my future.

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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