Shake It Off

Hello everybody! I know I haven't been updating recently but I've been busy and also lazy hahaha.
Anyway, today's update is only because Taylor Swift has a new pop single and has finally revealed her new album title after leaving us Swifties guessing her clues everywhere!

Well our guess on Polaroids was right!!! This is her album cover!! Anyway, her album will be released 27 October 2014, perfect birthday present for my sis whose birthday is 30th October hahaha. And also, 1989 is the year Taylor was born, if y'all don't know yet hehe. And she also revealed it will be a pop music album! I hope she includes enough country songs though I love her country songs SO MUCH.


Shake off your haters Tay cause you're awesome!
xoxo, kaitinghearts

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