Tharman Cup Veteran Volleyball Championship

Played a total of 5 matches over the weekend, for this year's Tharman Cup. 

I SUPER LOVE this photo because everyone looks so happy!!! Happy girls are the prettiest!!! And also I photoshopped Jaime in there at the top right hahaha.

We played well as a team, and although we lost Jiale to an ankle sprain on Friday halfway through our Singapore University Games (SUniG) versus NUS; and also not having Ethel around because she's registered with the national team; we still managed to pull through as the 2nd-runner-up position.

This was Saturday morning when I didn't feel like playing because I was so tired oops haha.

Rushed over after prize giving to take a pic in front of this board hahaha. We were really lucky as well, winning 3 out of 6 prizes for the lucky draw, out of 16 teams (both males and females) in total.

These two days of almost-whole-day companionship in the ITE college west sports hall has made our team so much closer and tighter. We learn to appreciate each other, help out and talk more. 

Win together, lose together. I'll never want to choose any other team.

The consecutive matches played in consecutive days really took a toll on my knees. But SUniG is coming to an end soon in a few more days. After that we will get our well-deserved rest and then prepare for midterms.

Some unedited selfies with Shuang & Joelle.

 My first coach who also happens to be my favourite coach! He was the one who first got me interested in volleyball, and then coached me through it. Very appreciative of him!

Blessed I am to be part of this team.

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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