Singapore University Games (SuniG) 2014

This is a late post as school life has been hectic right before my recess week! So anyway, the end of our annual Singapore University Games (SuniG) came to an end after a mere 2 weeks. 

I mean of course we only have 3 matches to play (only four schools participated for the women's volleyball: NUS NTU SMU SIM) This is my full team! 

This is us fooling around right before our first match!  

The standard pose to hide our over-exposed forehead (or mine anyway) hahaha!

Sent Chienwen to SIM the same day I drove from home cause she stay in the north as well! Champion team la good job Chienwen! Jump so freaking highhhh!!! hehehe.

No idea how I managed to amass such a big blue blacks from all the training.

Warming up before our last match! Okay our score goes like this.
First match: won SMU 3-1
Second match: lost NUS 1-3
Last match: lost SIM 0-3
So our overall position was third. Barely qualified for IVP next year omg. But okay nevermind, we're in and that's all that matters! Played really badly this season but next season we'll be back stronger than before!! 

Just posing for a picture. Heh.

Blocking beside Jiale! (who sprained her ankle during our match versus NUS omg but she's alright now and it wasn't a very bad sprain phew!)

Had a team BBQ along with the freshies and the guys team to mark an end to this season. So much fun and laughter that night! Here's to many more fun times as a team. #ntuvb

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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