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Hello all I'm back with a food update! Here's a takeaway fuss-free store called Catch 'N Bite, located in Westgate mall. READ ON FOR PROMOTIONAL CODE! 

First up, thank you to The Influencer Network for inviting me to the food tasting! And also to William for the photos!

Catch 'N Bite is a food stall which specializes in seafood sandwiches, bento sets and tapas using the finest ingredients.Having sailed across the world to all reowned fishing sports, the Catch 'N Bite team wanted to share the great tasting seafood dishes they had tried during their fishing trips. Catch 'N Bite birthed forth when they realized there was an absence of an affordable and fuss-free way to enjoy seafood on the go in Singapore.

Here's their stall front! They have a back kitchen as well as a front open concept one.
Catch 'N Bite is located at the basement floor of Westgate Mall, specific address being 3 Gateway Drive #B2-K16 Singapore 608532. Their operating hours are 10am-10pm daily, with last order at 9.30pm. Check out their website <> for more information.

Got a picture with the pretty Kelly

Best crab sandwich: they're not exaggerating on this! Click on the pic for a better view of the prices. Otherwise, their menu is also available from their website HERE

 Looks delicious right! Three of their sandwiches as well as side dishes. I ordered the Crunchin' Crab & Ultimate Lobster sandwich, Garlic Mayo Shrimp & Smoked Salmon tapa, along with a clam soup.

This softshell Crunchin' Crab ($8.90) is served in a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and spicy mayo, and is one of Catch 'N Bite's best seller sandwich!

This is mine all wrapped up in a handy convenient package to takeaway. This sandwich really lives up to its name, and the blend of spicy mayo goes well together with the crab. Overall a really tasty and crunchy sandwich! It was filling as well. 

Here's a close-up of the Crunchin' Chicken ($6.90)
I'm an avid chicken-lover and if I didn't feel like eating crab, chicken will be my obvious next choice. Plus this looks really good as well.

Ultimate Lobster sandwich. ($12.90)  

I didn't like the taste of it and thought it tasted weird. Maybe I just don't like lobsters haha.

They actually do offer bento sets as well which we didn't have the chance to try, but looks delicious as well! The bento set comes with a choice of chicken/crab//fish/prawn. ($7.90 to $9.90)

Moving on, we have the tapas (seafood tarts)! Here are the 12 different seafood tarts available, looks cute right! These tarts can actually be purchased in bulk up to 16 pieces in each box for events or parties, as $2 each.

The shrimps look so yummehhh! (it was, looks aren't deceiving for this)

Here are my tarts and my clam soup! I felt the tarts were a tad too dry, but the quality of the salmon and shrimp was not compromised. The clam soup ($4.90) was hot and peppery, a good after-meal drink! Also, the clam soup is made from real lobster stock and not flavoured with MSG, which makes it so much healthier and less salty.

Taking the first bite out of my salmon tart.

Happy girls with our crab sandwiches!

More selfies! Amazing how well we hit off after meeting for the first time!

Kelly let me try the Calamari ($5.90) that she ordered, and it was delicious as well. So my recommendation will be the Crunchin' Crab sandwich (or bento because I love rice) along with the calamari and the clam soup!

 Also, special note to all our muslim friends, Catch 'N Bite is halal certified! Woohoo!

RECEIVE A FREE EGG MAYO EBIKO TART with purchase of any sandwich from the menu!
Quote "KaitingCatchNBite"

Remember to tag them on their instagram page @catchnbite when you do visit them, and also insert the fun hashtag #CatchNBite so people can find your picture! (; 

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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