Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Night 4

Hello hello! Here to welcome October (my favourite month cause it's my birthday month hehe) with the Halloween event at USS!

The annual Halloween event at Universal Studios Singapore is back again, and this year I was made to go with my secondary school clique, Quelic Packs. (quelic is just the word clique messed up; and packs stand for our names respectively) 

As reluctant as I was not wanting to pay money to get scared, I went along with them anyway because it's the company that matters! 

Group selfie before Crabbie leaves us, so sad she couldn't join us that night. Departed so sadly like as if we were at the airport hahaha.

Booyahhhhh with MingShuang and her boyfriend Benjamin.

Supposed to start queuing before 7.30pm but us being us, started talking so much and catching up with our lives that by the time we entered USS it was already near 8.30pm hahaha. Anyway, don't worry if you're late because as late as we were, we managed to finish all the haunted houses and scare zones! 

Queuing for our first haunted house for the night: The L.A.B. which stands for the laboratory of alien breeding. The green light kinda make us look creepy/alienish as well hahaha. Spent about 50 minutes queuing for this. It was SUPER WARM! If you're heading to USS, dress appropriately for waiting/queuing outdoors with many many people in the humid night air. I was dressed in shorts and a sleeveless top but still was feeling super warm. 

Here's a map of USS for the Halloween Night this year. The entrance is at the bottom with the USS globe, and we decided to start from the upmost furthest part of USS and walk down. Take a break between all the haunted houses with the short queues of the roller-coaster rides like the Mummy or the Transformers. The Transformers ride was such a relief for us because we finally get to sit down and rest our legs after queuing and walking for two hours plus! 

Queuing for our second haunted house of the night: Mati Camp. We heard that this was going to be one of the scarier haunted houses but it didn't feel like it! Maybe because we walked past too fast I'm not really sure; I felt like it ended so soon before I really got scared haha. And also the sergeant major at the entrance kept scaring us and not letting us pass. I laughed at him until it wasn't scary anymore hahaha.

Some photos taken in really bad lighting! Night time means it's very hard to get a good picture without professional digital cameras. This was taken with Jolene's Samsung phone.

Hideous alien creature but cute (although bloody) policeman!

And here's Ben pretending to be dead hahaha.

 Next haunted house we went to queue for was Jing's Revenge. It's supposedly something that will be scary because it's a theme which us schoolgirls can relate to.

However I found it not scary partly because the makeup on the scare-actors were inadequate. Some looked like they merely got lots of black eyeshadow that's all. I did get a shock from all the sudden appearances of course haha but other than that we took only a while to finish walking the haunted house. Queued quite long for this as well.

Took more photos at the scare zones.

Group shot with the scare actors!

Headed to the clowns next! This turned out to be more fun and enjoyable (because it was airconditioned indoors!!!! the cold air was so welcoming after queuing and walking so much!) and also because the lights and all were so bright and pretty hahaha. The 3D paper glasses made things look floaty and dreamy and maybe it's just me but I wasn't scared at all. There was the giddy dizzy room which was super fun as well I couldn't walk straight for awhile haha!

Caught 'Demoncracy' here, an act where the demons and creatures torture humans I think. It was impressive! The people dancing were so strong showing off many acrobatic skills including contorting their bodies. Really jaw-dropping performance amidst the scariness.

 Creepy guy walking on stilts stalking up on one of my friend hahaha.

Two different groups arguing with each other while we look on curiously and then hurried away because we don't want to be scared by them hahaha.

Another scare zone right here.

 This was a talking mirror! Damn cool cause the person can hear us super clearly from the camera a tthe side of the mirror and he asked if we had fun or got scared. He also added that we should be, because we paid for this hahaha.

That's about it for the night! Not many photos because well very hard to get good photos in the dark when there's white mist everywhere as well. We had fun that's all that matters! (:

After we've had our fill of all the scary stuff, we were trudging out from USS all sleepy and tired thinking of how we're going to beat the crowd queuing for a cab home. Then we happened to chance upon this, free shuttle bus service!

I was dreading this from the start as I thought it would be super scary and not fun. Yet it turned out to be the opposite hehe. The very first time I went for this was the first year Universal Studios opened in Singapore in 2010. My friends who went for USS Halloween Night last year in 2013 told me that it was much scarier last year! Still, I had fun at USS HNN this year along with my QP girls! Do head on down for a night of screams and fun!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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