NTU Inter-Hall Games Volleyball

This year, I was honoured to be asked to join Hall 14 to participate in NTU's annual inter-hall games.

Not only did I enjoyed every moment on court with them, I also got to experience the joy and heartwarming-ness of being part of a bonded team again.

Group hug after every point gained. Used to be a taken-for-granted thing, yet I realized many teams do not do this. Not that it's a rule or what, but it just feels better. Hahaha.

I guess there's a reason why I love team sports so much!

Volleyball is as much a mental game as it is physical. Experience will play a part, as well as managing your stress and emotions on court during an important match; and being able to perform.

I cannot explain the joy and sense of accomplishment when acquiring a point after a long rally, but it's just really really shiok!

Literally jumping for joy!  

Very thankful for my teammates in hall 14 for accepting me as their own, training hard together and always putting in the effort for full attendance training and team-talks!!! Haven't felt so bonded in a long long time, and it's really awesome. 

The importance of every single player (whether on court or not) for a team game. 

 It was so close, the final match. We lost and got ourselves the runner-up position. So much feels because we through so much and all, fighting hard in the semis to get into the finals. It was heartbreaking to see my teammates in tears after the last point, but I know we gained so much more from this season even without the champion title.

Thank you to all our supporters as well, be it from hall 14 or not. Thank you for always being at all our matches to provide us with moral support and always cheering us on!!! We really appreciate it!

And also a very big thank you to Ken's mummy (my future mother-in-law) for actually taking time off to come down just to support me! Thank you Ken's mummy and Ken! I am such a blessed girl.

Hall 14 volleyball girls 2015. 

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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