Domino's Golden Chicken Gold Rush Party

Domino's back with a new GOLDEN menu!!!

Today I'll be introducing Domino's new Golden Chicken!!!

Check out the four different flavours of the golden chicken! GET THEM FOR JUST $5!!! Read on for discount code!!

The pretty decorations and balloons!

I'll get down to the important stuff first: THERE'S A GOLD RUSH TO JOIN WHERE PRIZES WORTH UP TO $12888 CAN BE WON!

Follow the steps!

 Take this sticker!!!

And stick on the contest form (can be obtained from any Domino's pizza outlets in Singapore) and then do up a drawing!!! Easy peasy right! Then submit the contest form! Eat pizza got free golden chicken (code below) and got chance to win prizes! EAT MORE DOMINO'S PIZZA!!

Thank you The Influencer Network for the invite!

The pretty Trista who always wins best-dressed!!!

Crane the beautiful lady who's always willing to help and share!

Fretting about what to draw! I only wanted food! Oops hahaha.

With my girls! Pilates instructor Eugena, famous- askfm Joanna and Miss Universe Singapore finalist Clarabelle!

Accidentally snapped a candid shot hehe.

Spot us in the background checking our selfie HAHA.

Food is here!! 

Digging in to fill our empty stomachs!!

The yummilicious golden chicken!

Meet them meatballs!

Very cheesy prawn pizza which was SO GOOD one of my favourites!!!

Short video introducing ourselves and also what we like about Domino's!

Selfie with the compatible couple Trista and Gerald!!!

OKAY here's the part where everyone has been scrolling for!
DISCOUNT CODES! Valid from 9 Feb to 8 March 2015.

Discount code: BLG227D to get Golden Chicken at only $5!!

BLG227A - Free Golden Chicken with regular pizza purchase

BLG227B - Free Golden Chicken with large pizza purchase

BLG227C - Free Golden Chicken with extra large pizza purchase

1. Log on to 
2. Register if you don't have an existing account
3. For existing customers, click 'order now' and log in
4. Redeem vouchers by keying in discount code I've provided

Girls run the world!

What are you waiting for? Head over to your nearest Domino's outlet today! Please also like Domino's facebook page HEREEEE!!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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