Skin Concierge's Complete Skincare Range - 277 Series

Skin Concierge, a new skincare retail concept space and the brainchild of highly-successful South Bridge Aesthetics and Knightsbridge Clinic, debuts its skincare collection - #277Series, comprising a range of 12 products which are medically and scientifically developed by the panel of doctors behind the two clinics.

I had the chance to try out the new range of products and managed to snap a photo with these hot guys at the launch event!

The 277 Series, which took one year to research and develop, has products that addresses the different skin types of Normal, Dry, and Oily skin and is suitable for both women and men.

The products, made in Singapore, South Korea and USA, have been specifically tailored to address the common skin problems faced by Singaporeans, making them far more targeted to take care of skin under these environmental and lifestyle conditions.

For those looking for a way to counter the onset of pigmentation, Vit C Intense, a whitening serum fill the role perfectly. This product also contains the highest concentration of Vitamin C currently available in the Singapore market for a skincare product. 

Founders of 277 Series hope that hope that through the use of their products, complemented by the treatments at their clinic, the quest for radiant and healthy skin is no longer a dream.

For easy recognition of the products for different skin types and intended use, the collection packaging has been colour coded into four categories.

Blue - Normal skin range. For those with normal skin and seek everyday products to complement their existing skincare range. The range includes Gentle Gel Cleanser, Hydrating toner and Ultra-Light Moisturizer.

Green - Acne Prone range. For those with oily or acne-prone skin and need products that are gentle. This range includes Calming Acne Cleanser and DoubleX Essence.

Purple - Anti Ageing & Anti Pigmentation range. For those who want to get a jump start on fatigued and dull ageing skin, this is all you need. The range includes Eye Bright Serum, BTX Serum, Age Defying Cream and Stem Cell HA Serum.

Yellow - Sun Protection range. For a mandatory layer of effective defence from the unforgiving and harmful rays, this range includes SPF 50 Sun Protect (Ultra Lite) and SPF 50 Sun Protec (Ultra Lite Tinted)

Available exclusively at Skin Concierge, the 277 Series is priced between $60 for the Hydrating Toner and $295 for the Vit C Intense. Thank you Word of Mouth Communications and Skin Concierge for having me at the debut of 277 Series!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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