NBAN™ Band - The Anti-Nausea Fashion Accessory We All Need

What does anti-nausea and fashion have in common? This NBAN™ Band, a water-proof fashion accessory we all need, to help improve quality of sleep and relieve acid reflux on top of easing motion sickness!

This has become a hassle-free necessity in my daily life, because it helps with my weak stomach issues AND looks good on my wrist. My friends and family have also tried it and found it effective in curbing their motion sickness and nausea problems! Read on as I show you the magic behind the effectiveness of this NBAN™ Band.

Hock Cheong Automec has launched the NBAN (a proudly made-in-Singapore brand!), a cutting-edge anti-nausea band that doubles as a fashion accessory. As opposed to the traditional motion sickness bands, wearers only need strap one to their wrists rather than a pair. It also comes in two choices of design and colour (more colors to be released). Besides nausea and motion sickness, NBAN™ can also help improve quality of sleep and relieve acid reflux after a meal amongst many other reported benefits!

NBAN anti-nausea bands are not only effective in eliminating motion sickness, it is also aesthetically pleasing compared to other similar bands on the market. It can be worn as a fashion accessory, unlike other bands, so the user will always have it on hand and tighten it when required. It is suitable as a fashion accessory for both genders, and even as a couple band!

Donning a NBAN™ is fuss-free: find the optimal loop that depresses just enough pressure on the wrist’s acupuncture point, then fasten it. Make sure the 'ball' part of the band is situated between the two main tendons on your wrist, three fingers down from your wrist. It is supposed to be worn snug with firm pressure on the wrist, yet comfortable and not restrictive. More information about the acupuncture point can be found HERE.

I personally do not have the issue of nausea, but I have a close friend who experiences motion sickness very frequently. When watching a movie filmed onboard a boat/ship, he will experience nausea and once he even vomited after watching the movie Captain Phillips! He will also experience motion sickness when we drive up winding carpark slopes, and it gets worse if he has just finished a meal on a full stomach.

Once I'm introduced to NBAN™, I immediately gave him one to try, and actually witnessed the difference myself! One day right after dinner, we decided to take a stroll around a nearby mall, and drove up 5 winding stories to the carpark. My friend was actually feeling very normal, and was pleasantly surprised that a small accessory on his wrist can make him feel so much better! Now he wears it on his wrist everyday and doesn't have a phobia of motion sickness anymore. I'm happy to see how much it has helped in his life, and in his daily commute on trains and buses too!

As for me, I have a weak digestive system and sometimes find it difficult to fall asleep at night because my stomach will be gurgling and feeling very uncomfortable. Wearing NBAN™ to sleep actually helps calm down my stomach and relieves acid reflux (after I just had supper) so that I'm able to fall asleep sooner.

My parents tried the band as well and now they are reluctant to give it back to me HAHA! Looks like I have to get some more for my own. It's also suitable for children and pregnant ladies who experience morning sickness/nausea. Thus I'm definitely stocking up for my future pregnant self. 

The NBAN™is available for sale at Hock Cheong main office (17 Kim Chuan Terrace) and online on! Get yours today to get rid of motion sickness forever! I'm also holding a giveaway of 5 sets of NBAN™ bands on my Instagram HERE.

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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