108 Yogathon

The 108 Yogathon is Singapore’s largest outdoor Yoga Marathon, focusing on Mind Body Flow Yoga. 

Along with these pretty girls, I got invited to this 108yogathon, where we were supposed to do the sun salutations 108 times! However, we didn't manage to complete because it started raining just when we started. (explains the towels on our heads hahaha)

This is one round of sun salutation.Seems easy enough right? But try doing it 108 times! Cardio workout haha.

A pretty big turnout of yogis! Sponsors include Moringa, Tirisula Yoga, as well as many others! Check them out HERE.

Ready with our mats on the grass at fort canning!

 Beauty blogger Kymm!

Miss Universe Singapore 2013 finalist Clarabelle!

Got Pamela to help my open up my super stiff back! (because she says go to her for a good backbend hahaha) 


Maximum I could go... hahaha.

A photographer from Instaprint took this photo for us to print out a pocket-sized photo for us! It was a good weather day (we thought) before it started raining... ):

Here we are, Eugena, Kymm and I, hiding under umbrellas as the big fat raindrops came pelting down.

And that's why Kymm here is wearing a ziplock bag on her head HAHA she's so cute she looks like a chef!

Ending the post with unfiltered me! Thank you once again to 108yogathon for the invite!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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