Dolby Atmos Everywhere

I was invited to catch The Hunger Games Mockingjay (part 1) with a Dolby Atmos experience!

Enter a new world of sound with Dolby Atmos®. It transports you into the movie with breathtaking, multidimensional sound that fills the theatre and flows all around you to move your mind, body and soul. I was of course so excited to be able to experience this "all around you" sound firsthand!

Brought my best friend Ken along as well and we enjoyed the movie as well as the sound system very much.

So first up, what is Dolby? I'm sure everyone have heard of this brand somewhere, especially if you're a frequent movie-goer like me. Every time before the movie commences they will play some sound/music and say "all around youuuuu" haha.

As we all know, sound/music plays a very important part when you're watching a movie, or any other shows. This is especially relevant during horror movies! Next time if you get really scared while watching a horror movie, try covering your ears instead of your eyes! It really works! The sound and music of the movie really affects the overall experience, especially during build up of a fighting scene or the melancholy of a sad scene. 

Anyway, continuing my point, Dolby Atmos is a cutting-edge, sound technology that gives our listeners the experience of enjoying sounds that are realistic, immersive & 360 degrees. (that's why it's ALL AROUND YOUUU) Dolby's goal is to take us take us through a multimedia experience that is more real, more amazing, and more intense.Beyond next-generation lifelike cinema, we want to transport these experiences right to your doorstep – in your very own home theatre.

I love watching movies and always get very engrossed in them! As Ken would say, I stare unmovingly at the screen, super absorbed in the story line. Pretty much the same as how I cannot put down a good book until I've finish reading it! Anyway, my main point is that the sound system that I experienced was so good, I actually felt so many different emotions according to the music, and also felt like I was physically there beside Katniss. 

Dolby Atmos is now truly Everywhere, as it is also available for home theatre with Onkyo Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers!! So exciting having a movie sound system at home! If you're considering speakers for your home, I RECOMMEND DOLBY because the experience will be all around you! (; 

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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