Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels. Infuusa.

So, what is Infuusa?

Infuusa is actually a sugar-free, cold brewed healthy beverage which adds a yummy taste into boring plain water. Infuusa cold brewed teas are designed for activity, letting you experience natural better hydration. It's the perfect substitute for drinking boring plain water after a workout, and also when 100 plus and isotonic drinks as such contain so much calories that you're essentially wasting your workout.

Cold brewing is putting the satchet directly into cold water, and the lower temperature extracts a different chemical balance, leaving more antioxidants intact. Cold brewing also creates a smoother and sweeter drink. Picture from The Fitness Grocer.

Planking in hopes of some delicious abs hahaha.


1. No sugar added.
2. More antioxidants for increased health.
3. All natural ingredients.
4. Lets you hydrate more. 
5. Designed for activity.

A more detailed list can be found HERE on their website.
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Some stretching in progress.
Top picture was me approximately 3 weeks ago and bottom is me now. Improved flexibility whee!

Here's to living an #infuusalife! Check out Infuusa on Instagram for daily motivational and fitness quotes!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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