Only Aesthetic's Birthday

It was Only Aesthetic's 10th birthday celebration and we had a lovely view over at KU DÉ TA!

Along with The Influencer Network team! Just a really short update here while I take a break amdst my many assignments.

 The girls all dressed up! Coincidentally in a matching black theme haha.

Outfit for the night!

 Lovely view along with my twinny Tricia!

More selfies!

Gerald, Trista, Tricia and Shan!

It was my first time meeting Shan and I'm glad we got along so well! 

The popular blogger only William


Group shot with TIN's influencers! That's all for now, but really exciting stuff coming up like my experience of being a hawker centre cleaner!!! Will update soon!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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