A-One Claypot House x Mother's Day Special

Mother's Day is coming soon and are you fretting over where to bring your mums out for a good dinner?

Look no further because A-One Claypot House is offering your and your family a scrumptious meal at an affordable price this Mother's Day!

Check our the special set meals that A-One Claypot House is having for Mother's Day special! (click to enlarge) My family and I tried the 4-pax menu! More food items will be added or more pax. Promotion valid till 10th May. It's such an affordable deal and the promotion is only available at Tampines, Seletar Mall, Sportshub, Nex and Causeway point outlets.

We ordered tie guan yin tea (it's refillable btw) and I love their pretty teapot!

And very cute little teacups! The tea was good!

First dish: crab meat and fish maw shark's fin soup.

This is kept heated up for us to enjoy hot soup.

I loved this dish the most! Really flavourful without being too salty.

Scallop fried with lotus root and asparagus.

Looks average but it was good! Crunchy vegetables with tasteful seasoning.

Rock sugar honey pork.

Meat was tender and yummy!

Golden prawns in creamy salted egg sauce.

The creamy salted egg sauce was delicious! Frozen prawns were used, which might not be as crunchy as fresh prawns. 

Longevity noodles with seseme oil chicken.

We really enjoyed this dish as well! The set meal includes dessert too! Overall we found that the prices of the dishes in A-One Claypot House are affordable, and the dishes served are delicious and really up-to-standard. Will definitely return for dinner another day!

Call A-One Claypot House at 9125 9611 to make a reservation! Give your mum a treat for Mother's Day!

Thank you Tiffany and A-One Claypot House for the invite. We really enjoyed the food as well as the ambience!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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