National School Games x Tennis A'div Finals

It's the time of the year for the national school games again! The C, B and A'divisions!

I went to watch the finals of tennis A'divisions with Bethia! Really enjoyed myself even though it was very warm under the hot sun! As a beginner tennis player, watching the pros play was really an eye-opener for me, and understanding the game meant that I could appreciate their skills as well.

Also, it reminded me of my times back in my JC days, where my team won the A'div champion title for volleyball! I remembered the amount of hard work and effort we put into every training session, training 3 times a week till late. I also love playing competitive because I love feeling the adrenaline on court, and how my whole focus is on the sport and my team!! Of course, the feeling of winning and scoring points is also awesome hahaha.
You can read more about my volleyball journey from 10 years ago, HERE!

Anyway, moving on, National School Games is an upcoming sports TV programme that features Singapore's annual inter-school sports competition.
It has intensive, heart-pumping moments of Singapore's youth athletics competing for the Championship for various types of sports. National School Games will start airing from 22nd June to mid-August on Starhub's SuperSports Arena.

Are you a sportsperson too? It doesn't matter if you have missed the matches of the games, you can catch your favourite sport and teams on Starhub's SuperSports Arena! As for me, I headed down to Yio Chu Kang stadium to catch the A'division tennis finals and it was such an intense competition!

Three matches were going on at the same time, where Raffles JC and Anglo-Chinese JC were fighting for the champion title!

The enthusiastic Raffles JC supporters!

ACJC's service.

RJC's service.

It was such an intense match between both these girls because they are so good! After the match I managed to talk to Isabelle, the winner from RJC. I asked if they were from the national team (Singapore's national tennis team is called Elites I think) and she told me yes. No wonder their skills are soooooooo good!

Anyway, remember to catch them on Supersports Arena on Starhub, and like them on Facebook to win awesome prizes!!

xoxo, kaitinghearts


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