Supernova Juice Cleanse

Recently, I did a one-day juice cleanse, with yummy juices from Supernova!

Supernova juices are crafted by top mixologists and community juicers in Singapore, made using premium ingredients from superfoods, natural fruits and fresh vegetables. Locally sourced and cold pressed daily. Every drop promises good things.

 I had the City Cleanse, 7 bottles with juices specially designed to include nutrients you'll need to replace meals for a day. All cleanses ordered will come will a free Supernova cooler bag!

If you're trying out a juice cleanse for the first time, you should get this City Cleanse, because I was recommended this for my first juice cleanse as well!

The benefits of a juice cleanse includes:
- Allowing the stomach and the gut to rest and repair
- Allow maximum detoxification while flooding body with super nutrition
- Better sleep patterns which will lead to increased energy and stamina, alongside increased mental clarity
- Radiant complexion, healthier hair & nails
- Rehydrate the body, and heal our cells
- A regulated and nourished colon

Now, all these benefits defer from person to person, depending on the individual's own body structure and chemicals. However, there are many benefits of going on a juice cleanse diet which will be beneficial to your body, allowing your body to flush out unwanted toxins.

 Behind the scenes of the mini-photoshoot for the juices in pretty bottles! The bottles are so pretty my mum is keeping them to put flowers in the future! Hahaha.

These are fresh cold-pressed juices! Cold-pressed juices means that the nutrients and vitamins from the fresh fruits are more well-preserved in the juices.

First juice of the day: CONSTELLATION. Main ingredients are apple, beetroot, carrot & ginger. Let my mum try and she said it's very nice! She also said that she didn't expect healthy juices to taste so nice!

Second juice I had for the day: SUNSPOT. Ingredients are pineapple, apple and mint. I love how the sweetness of the pineapple and apple mixes well with the mint!!! I can't taste the mint (all apples taste haha) but I can smell it! Very refreshing.

 Next juice in line: MILKY WAY. Ingredients are cashew, vanilla extract, almond and dates. I love this so much!!! Cause I love vanilla, I always drink vanilla bbt hahaha. Furthermore, the cashew bits are yummy! It's such a good companion when I'm blogging and feeling hungry! Healthy alternative for snacks.

This is AURORA with ingredients beetroot, carrot, orange and goji berry! Very yummy, one of my favourite! Alongside Milky Way and Glow!

BIG BANG! Green apple, spinach, cucumber, parsley, lemon. At first I was like "yucks parsley????" but it tasted so good!! Not like bitter parsley at all. On the contrary, quite the opposite.

This is E.T. with ingredients watermelon, dragonfruit and ginger. I hate ginger drink cause the taste so strong and I really don't like sour/bitter stuff. But this was not bad because can taste the ginger but it wasn't strong and it blended well with the other fruits. However, this was my least favourite juice out of the 7 juices I tried!

I saved the best for the last! GLOW with ingredients carrot, passion fruit, apple and tumeric! Sweet and tastes just like carrot juice. Had this after my vball training session, so refreshing!

Overall, I would say that the juices are really good meal-replacements because they're so yummy and they act well as 'snacks' in the middle of the day! I could feel my digestive system thanking me for cleaning them up hahaha because I always give them so much junk food! Anyway, 7 juices for a day may not be enough to cleanse entirely our digestive system, but it's a really good start. Supernova offers 3 days juice cleanses as well, which I would recommend for people who really wants a full detoxification.

Supernova is pumped to announce their partnership with MAKE-A-WISH Foundation Singapore. 30% of proceeds will go towards helping children with life- threatening medical conditions. They are offering cleanse programs at an affordable $130 for a 3-Day regimen, in order to provide more access to anyone who wants to detoxify and boost their natural energy levels. Getting healthy doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag, the proof is in their juice!

xoxo, kaitinghearts


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