Agrobazaar - Best Malaysian Food in Singapore

Shop, dine and chill at Agrobazaar Malaysia in Singapore! Your one stop destination for Malaysian grown, Malaysian produced goods, authentic Malaysian Cuisine and great gourmet coffee.

Look at the amazing array of food that Agrobazaar offers! I had a great time stuffing myself with food because most of it tastes so good.

Through a Malaysian government-funded initiative, Agrobazaar Malaysia in Singapore brings to the progressive Southern nation the fruits of Malaysian agriculture. Food is a very large part of the Malaysian culture and life, and this is represented in the extensive menu boosted by Agrobazaar Malaysia in Singapore.

Agrobazaar Malaysia in Singapore is located at Lot 37-43 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198485. Nearest mrt will be Bugis mrt, just a short walk away. 

Agrobazaar Malaysia in Singapore prides itself on being a bustling hub of promotion solely for Malaysian grown and Malaysian produced goods. Their shelves are lined with the best of Malaysian fruit, with high-quality local favourites for your exclusive fruit-dining pleasure. Their coffee is home-grown and home-roasted to the mirror the style of artisanal brews so popular in today's world. At Agrobazaar Malaysia in Singapore, one can expect to find the very heart of Malaysia - its food, agriculture, hospitality, and most of all, the culture that binds it all.

Located at level 1 of Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore, the KopieSatu serves great gourmet coffee with a nice and cozy ambience, equipped with free wifi and toilets for its customers .At KopieSatu, the focus is on serving the most delicious and freshest coffee. The coffee blend is of 100% Arabica raw beans sourced and imported from three different selected places in Indonesia. The bean roasting processes are done locally to keep it fresh. As part of global branding, Singapore has been chosen as the first KopieSatu outlet outside Malaysia.

Tried their ice blended caramel, very good! This in full size will be $7 when ordered from KopieSatu. Their famous teh tarik will be $2 for hot, and $2.50 for ice cold.

 The KopieSatu cafe also provides dessert! Look at this super pretty durian rainbow cake! $8.50 per slice, of a rainbow-coloured sponge cake with durian goodness.

It's a good size to share with friends. I would recommend this for durian lovers, because the durian taste is really good! However, I felt the the cream was a little too thick and overall the cake didn't really suit my taste. Perhaps it was left outside for too long, which resulted in it not being fresh anymore when I finally got to taste it. 

Chendol, $4 per serving.
It's a traditional dessert made with shaved ice, coconut milk, green starched noodles with pandan flavouring and palm sugar. If you want this served with cut fruit, it'll be $4.50, or with durian it'll be $5! Pretty worth it. I didn't get a chance to try this chendol but it sure looks good as well! What can go wrong in a chendol dessert? Just hope it's not too sweet.

Many fresh fruits, and look at the exquisite fruit carving done by the chef.

Chef says he takes about 20 minutes to carve out one fruit. So fast!!! Really professional. 

He showed us how to carve... and then we are supposed to do it as well!!!

Honestly I was thinking "what are we supposed to do with all these fruits?!" 

 But somehow we did something?? Hahaha. Here's Kaviel and I, can see the heart-shape not?

Almost done now!

TADA~ Our masterpiece!!! Looks a lot nicer than what we expected because we really anyhow chop and cut and all!!! Hahaha.

Here are the other group's work! This is cookie monster so cute right! 

Well, I didn't think that all of us would be able to come up with quite decent pieces of fruit artwork! Good job bloggers!!!

Homemade chicken satay, $7.90
So so so nice! Tender chicken marinated in spices. Perfectly grilled and served with coconut infused peanut sauce. I can honestly say, best satay I've ever tasted!!! Everyone was fighting for this, this satay dish was the fastest to go 'out of stock' hahaha. 

 Mee Bandung Muo, $8.90
A popular Malaysian noodle dish with distinctive gravy of mashpotatoes, chicken stock, tamarind, blended chili and curry powder. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH I HAD SECOND SERVINGS!!! I have never heard of this dish before.. and I initially thought this was the laksa hahaha. I can't take spicy food, yet I braved the spice for this. So yummy!

Penang Asam Laksa, $8.90
It's no surprise that this dish is ranked 7th most delicious food in the world by CNN! It's so spicy though hahaha. I cannot take this spice (this dish is spicier than the bandung) and neither can Ken; yet he just continued eating and perspiring and eating and perspiring because it's really so good!

I tasted a bit and agreed that it's good, but I still preferred the bandung because this one has more of a sour/tomyam kinda taste which I don't like. Everyone else was singing praises of this though. So I guess it's definitely a MUST TRY over at Agrobazaar Malaysia!

Look at the marvelous spread of dishes. Very fulfilled stomach that night.

See the dish at the bottom? That's the crisp cempedak fritters, going at $6.90 for 7 pieces. A national favourite, cempedak and pisang goreng can be best described as fruit encased in a crisp battered skin, deep-fried to perfection. I loved it!

Wanna have a durianlicious party?

Look no further, for Agrobazaar Malaysia has a huge store of durians for your pick!

The Malaysian snacks included in the goodie bag!!! 


Stand a chance to win $100 dining vouchers!!! (2 winners will be selected)

How to take part:
1. Follow @MyAgrobazaarSG on Instagram
2. Snap a photo of Agrobazaar's Product or Food
3. Post on Instagram and hashtag #MyAgroBazaarSG 
Contest ends on 31 September 2015!

20% PROMOTION at KopieSatu

Get 20% off for all cakes and drinks ordered from KopieSatu!
(minimum purchase of a cake and a drink) Valid until 31 Dec 2015. 

Thank you The Influencer Network for hosting this event, Ken and I had a good time filling ourselves with good food!

My overall verdict of the food at Agrobazaar Malaysia: 4.5 stars!!! Love the Mee Bandung the MOST haha while the crowd favourite is the Penang Asam Laksa. Their satay and fritters are good must-have side dishes. Will definitely bring my friends over to have a good meal!

xoxo, kaitinghearts


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