Crab Towkay - Singapore's Online Seafood Delivery & Supplier

A delicious meal prepared by my beloved grandma who cooks so well!!! Crabs were delivered live to me from Crab Towkay - an online seafood deliverer and supplier in Singapore!

My family members and I had a feast for dinner, as the crabs delivered by Crab Towkay were really good! The price was reasonable as well.

I ordered these from Crab Towkay: two M-sized crab (700-800g at $38.90each) and 1kg of Australian blue mussels!

Founded in July 2015 by two seafood-crazy friends, Crab Towkay Singapore Seafood Delivery aims to be the one-stop provider of high-quality live/frozen seafood to homes, parties and events. Now, anyone and everyone can enjoy their very own seafood party! Crab Towkay Seafood Delivery strives to provide fans of crabs, oysters, and lobsters with a fuss-free and easy way to get live/frozen seafood from the sea and to their plate. Their prices are highly competitive, rivaling supermarkets and trumping expensive restaurant meals. With their live and frozen seafood products coming from reputable suppliers, they are confident in delivering quality products and excellent service to their customers.

Grandma holding on to the live crabs happily. I would be so scared!!!

My grandfather also haha so cute hor my grandparents very spontaneous one!

The crabs are really big!

Grandma cooking the mussels!

 TADA~~~ Looks so good right!!! It was really good!!

Order from Crab Towkay and you’ll receive the same premium seafood that is supplied to the highest-end hotels and the fanciest restaurants. The size and freshness of our crabs, lobsters, and oysters speak for their high quality. No wonder the crab so yummy. Good fresh crab + my grandma's amazing cooking skills = one of the best home-cooked dinner ever!

Yummy mussels!

Crab Towkay is selling 50 fresh oysters (because SG50 yo) at only $138 (up $168) along with many bundled promotions specially for the SG50 Jubilee Weekend! Head over to to take a look.

Pictures with the delicious-looking crab because grandma spent a lot of effort cooking it! It doesn't only look good, it tastes super good as well!

 My family's amazing dinner that night. *Rubs stomach gleefully!!!

Thank you Crab Towkay for delivering the fresh seafood over for me!! Order yours now from! You won't be disappointed with the quality!

xoxo, kaitinghearts


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