BAKER's Ville @ Bugis Street

Newly opened at Bugis Street, a prominent location you won't miss, is BAKER's Ville! Founded in 2013 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, BAKER's Ville features the moist and crumbly '26 Thousand Layers Tart' alongside other delicious and delicately baked pastries.

Featuring their gorgeous signature blueberry Angel cake here!

BAKER's Ville signature egg tarts!!! 3 for $5 and 6 for $9.
Made with fresh milk from France as well as the freshest kampong eggs, you can be sure you will be devouring egg tarts of good quality! No colouring, preservatives or even water is added. 

Aptly named '26 thousand layers' egg tarts, I can really see and taste for myself the effort that goes into making the layers of this pastry. A must-try especially if you love egg tarts! They're pretty small-sized and very easy to eat. Available in original, coffee and matcha red bean flavours!

Tokyo Egg Brulee. 4 in one box for $9.90.
Formulated with a secret recipe from Japan, this is made from the most premium and luxury ingredients! By using fresh kampung eggs, vanilla bean seeds from USA and imported creamy milk, the resulting product is a delicious and dense egg brulee that you can not resist!

I personally love creme brulee, and eggs! So I finished one egg in seconds! Definitely coming back for more! This may be a tad too sweet though, but I love it cause I have a sweet-tooth.

Angel Cake. $9.90 per box for original lemon and blueberry, $10.90 for other flavours.
This is the original lemon flavour!

Blueberry angel cake! All angel cakes from BAKER's Ville are made purely using egg whites! The ingredients used are natural and low in fat and sugar, making it the healthiest cake in town. It is soft in texture yet extremely moist, tasting as awesome as it looks!

Other flavours of the angel cake includes matcha red bean, oreo and sesame. This matcha red bean does look super tempting!

BAKER's Ville is located at No.3 Bugis Street MSV1(2) Singapore 188867! It's right behind the Bugis Street bus stop. Get your yummy pastries today!!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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