Her Changing Room - Apparel Exchange Service

Are you a girl who loves wearing new outfits everyday? Well, then Her Changing Room is the right place for you to shop; because they provide an unlimited exchange service!

Unlimited exchanges? What do I mean by unlimited? Read on to find out!

How it works: let them know your style, subscribe, and a box will be sent to you! HCR promises to deliver to your doorstep within 3 working days. Once you are done, simply login to your account and click on the 'Ready for collection' button and they will have their driver collect your box within 3 working days. A new HCR box will immediately be replaced after receiving your old HCR Box. 

Subscription prices are as follows.
Unlimited exchanges within a week: $24.90
Unlimited exchanged within a month: $79.90
You may exchange your box as many times as you want for the whole period of subscription.

What's in the box?
3 apparels and 2 accessories!
So you may wanna ask, what happens if you receive a box, and then really like the apparels/accessories so much that you wanna keep them? Then just top up a small fee based on the subscriber's price and you can keep it!

The quality assurance for all apparels and accessories in Her Changing Room boxes! All the apparels and accessories I received were in good condition, and all wrapped in their signature purple paper.

Comfy knitted waterfall cardigan kept me warm and stylish throughout the day.

Adding some details to my otherwise plain outfit: a gorgeous feathered layered necklace.

I would recommend Her Changing Room to girls who want new clothes but are lazy to really shop for their own. This is a very convenient service, almost like a personal shopper.
Subscribe today, and get unlimited exchanges!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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