De' Beer Seafood Restaurant

Starting out its roots at D’Kranji Farm Resort in 2008, De' Beer Seafood Restaurant has since grown and is today, serving up the West side at Sunset Lane. De' Beer Seafood is located at 106 Clementi Street 12, #01-38 Singapore 120106.

As expected of an authentic local seafood restaurant, a wide array of delectable local seafood fare awaits its patrons, with each dish meticulously prepared using the freshest ingredients. Bring your family and friends to De’ Beer for a truly fulfilling value-for-money meal that boasts of generous portions and servings.

De' Beer Specialty Fried La La Beehoon. $18 for 500g and $34 for 1kg.
The first dish of the night was warmly welcomed because we were all so hungry! It was delicious (not only because I was so hungry) but also because the soup was peppery and well-flavoured.

Braised Hong Kong Kai Lan with Beancurd Skin and Wolfberries. $14, $22, $26 for small medium large respectively.
A healthy choice! Vegetables are a must in every meal, and I would recommend this dish for families eating here. The beancurd skin was so good, and the vegetables were fresh and crunchy. The wolfberries add to the healthiness of the dish.

Spare ribs with Guinness stout and champagne. $16, $24, $30 for small medium and large respectively.
If you're lucky, you'll get a piece without bones/ribs and you'll enjoy it! If not, don't worry you'll still enjoy the delicious meat. I think the meat is a little tough and salty though, but goes well with rice.

Drunken suana prawns. $30 for 500g and $58 for 1kg.
WOW looks good right suana prawns!!!! Have to be eaten fresh while the prawn is cooked at the right temperature, because if you leave it too long it will turn soggy! The prawns were fresh and delicious, and eating them hot makes the taste even more flavourful! I enjoyed this very much (even though I'm not a fan of prawns), and it's totally worth dirtying my hands for. Recommended!

 Chili crab. Seasonal price.
What else is there to say!! Sri-Lankan mud crabs are delicious!

P.S. If you want to try cooking crabs for yourself, do check out Singapore's seafood delivery Crab Towkay!

Signature salted egg crab with crispy cheese. Seasonal price.

No surprise why this is De' Beer Seafood Restaurant's SIGNATURE dish! There's even CHEESE on this crab! Super good, especially for salted egg and cheese lovers. Me, I'M BOTH.


This flaming chicken is off the menu and have to be ordered in advance!!!!! The chicken is well-marinated and about 90% cooked before the fire does the finishing touch,

TADA~ It was SO GOOD! The chicken breast meat is so tender and it has some kind of fragrant smell infused in the meat. I don't know how to explain it but it's just very fragrant! De' Beer Seafood Restaurant's owner told us that the chicken is marinated in a special sauce for hours. The broth has herbs and Chinese rice wine, so there is a slightly alcoholic taste, very unique and very delicious. This dish is $60 - not cheap but really worth it.

On the table. We all know seafood (especially crab) dishes wouldn't be complete without some mantou (buns)!

The lovely designer Persie!

Selfie with Persie and Sam, the hungry hongaporean hahaha!

The pretty awesome girls who so willingly let me use their photos because I forgot to bring my memory card!!! Jacelyn, Victoria and Xuewei!

Thank you De' Beer Seafood Restaurant for having us over, and thank you StarNgage for the invite!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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