Gifting made easy with PRESSIE

Gifting is a powerful language. And with PRESSIE, finally there’s an app that you can truly give.

In the Chinese New Year spirit early this month, PRESSIE gifted me with delicious pineapple tarts and biscuit snacks!

Gifting's easy with PRESSIE. First choose a gift, then choose a recipient, write a gift tag, choose when it can be opened, and that's it! It's gifted. See the time-lock feature? I like it because it means I can control when the person will be able to receive my gift! Like for example, only when his/her birthday is due. They will be kept in suspense as well!

Receiving gifts are easy too. If your friend hasn't downloaded PRESSIE yet, they'll receive an SMS notification, else they'll receive a notification in the app. Get it delivered or collect it in person!

The mechanics of sending and receiving gifts easily!
Browse from an assorted catalogue of gifts and find the perfect one for friends and family. Gifts include the latest products, dining at high-end restaurants, beauty services, and more!

The PRESSIE experience is crazy personal and fun…
- You can add personal messages with their gifts
- Build excitement by Time Locking gifts to be openable at later dates
- Recipients are notified before collecting it whenever they like!
- Your generosity can then be shared on social media (hashtag #pressiesg)

I love these gift cards because they'll so practical and easy to use!

Look, these are only some of the many gifts in different categories that PRESSIE offers for you to surprise your loved ones!

I love this concept because I always love giving my friends and family gifts, but sometimes I really don't have the time to go out physically and shop for them. I'm sure it's not the case for me only. PRESSIE solves all my problems! With a simple few clicks, I'm done!

Do download it from the App Store or the Google Play Store and start gifting your loved ones today!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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