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To achieve a fair and translucent complexion, skin must be constantly renewed, repaired and protected from the elements. Here I have with me the range of beauty products from Hue Floresta White-A-Fair collection, made from the latest scientific advances to ensure that vitamin-rich nutrients easily penetrate the skin to repair, protect and renew the skin as they deliver the optimum benefits of the product!

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Bringing together the latest advances in micro-biotechnology and nature's gift of the Soybean, scientists have been able to treat the skin at its basal layers, controlling the production and transfer of melanin, the skin's natural pigmentation agent. Dark spots formation is minimized while uneven skin tone and existing blemishes are visibly lightened.

How does White-A-Fair work?
- Repair melanin at basal layer
- Reflex UV rats to protect skin from damage
- Accelerate cell renewal and collagen production

Legendary beauty secrets of the Orient come together in the White-A-Fair range to produce a reservoir of skin whitening benefits.

Soy Yogurt Filtrate - Natural Brightener
Purified Soy Derivative is effectively transformed into a nourishing yogurt filtrate that is easily absorbed by the skin. Under the strictest laboratory conditions, an advanced micro-biotechnology technique aids the natural fermentation process of Soy milk, breaking it down into a rich Soy Yogurt. This 'external digestion' ensures that valuable Soy milk super nutrients are derived for direct application to the skin. This purified Soy Derivative is rich in Amino acids, Vitamin B Complex, L-Lactic Acid and antibacterials that promote collagen production, inhibit pigmentation and enhance skin health.

Soy Peptide - Nature's Fountain of Youth
A rich and powerful antioxidant, Soy Peptide shields skin against premature ageing, providing intuitive moisturizing benefits to all skin types.

Hydrolysed Pearl Powder - The 'Skin Silk' of Royalty
Besides reducing the formation of melanin, Pearl Powder has been found to provide natural UV ray shielding and deep down moisturizing benefits for the skin. All these, while accelerating skin cell renewal.

Meet the WHITE-A-FAIR Family

Purifying Facial Cleanser
Gentle on the skin yet highly effective removing impurities, this cleanser is ideal for everyone, even those with sensitive skin. This pH balanced cleanser renews and repairs skin cells as it removes impurities and light make-up. Active whitening agents leave face supple with a fresh, dewy and youthful glow. 

Revitalising Treatment Essence
The most potent step in skin brightening, this essence balances skin to receive the optimum benifits of skincare regime. Experience an instant boost with this essence. Packed with rose water, Aloe Vera and effective humectant Sodium hyaluronate, this is the ultimate pick-me-up for tired and dull skin. Try it for yourself and revel in the extraordinary freedom of being able to look and feel refreshed in an instant! (without makeup as well, haha)

Here's me using the facial cleanser! For this, you just have to lather on palm with water and gently massage your face in a circular motion with your fingertips, before rinsing it off. Good to use twice daily; morning and night!

For the essence, use a cotton pad to apply in an upward sweeping motion on clean face and neck area. This is to be used daily before moisturizing.

Day Protection Cream SPF 30
The full spectrum of skin care and protection in one. Rich in Soy Peptide and potent botanical antioxidants, this cream shields skin from harmful UV rays as it protects from free radical damage.

Night Repair Emulsion
Repairs, hydrates, and renews skin while sleeping! This emulsion blocks the enzyme reaction that causes pigmentation as it moisturises and engourages cell renewal. I've tried using this and it feels so good to wake up to fresh and radiant skin that feels healthy and supple!

Tiny round globules of micro beads gently smooth away dead skin cells making way for new ones. Antioxidant properties and Jojoba extract add to the goodness of hydrolysed Pearl Powder to dissolve oil deposits as your skin is toned and strengthened. This left my skin smooth and in the pink of health!

Intensive Whitening Treatment Mask
This exclusive formula contains the revolutionary purified Soy Yogurt Filtrate that works deep within the basal layers of skin to inhibit the production and transfer of melanin. After using this, my skin was left feeling hydrated and firm! I could really feel the difference, even 5 minutes into using it. I already feel like my skin was tight, because the Polysaccharides in the mask helps to renew skin cells and strengthen facial muscles! 

Natural Pearl Foundation
This is the daily beauty essential, where you can create a perfect porcelain palette for your make-up or just wear it and go! This silky, light and fuss-free foundation is perfect even for humid climates. Lustrous Pearl Powder renews skin cells while boosting its natural whitening process to give you a sheer and natural glow. 

When using this product, take care not to apply too much onto your face, because it may be too white. Just spread a small amount onto your cleaned face and blend gently, preferably using a make-up sponge. Initially your face may look too white, but be rest-assured that the foundation will slowly adapt to your skin tone soon, leaving your skin just a tad fairer, with a natural glow!

Must-Dos for Bare Faced Beauty
It's easy to achieving a pure, clear and radiant complexion that looks flawless even with nothing! I'm a personal advocate of bare-faced beauty as many of my friends and readers know; I don't apply make-up ever! If you do see me with make-up on, it must be a very important occasion. Anyway, here's sharing a good skincare regime in order to get a good complexion to flaunt!

- Cleansing is key
Never miss washing your face no matter how tired you are.

- Let new skin in
Skin renews itself every 28 days, so it's a good idea to exfoliate at least once a week to help remove dead skincells and make way for bright new skin!

- Love those antioxidants
Colourful fruits and vegetables are packed with antioxidants that help to keep early signs of ageing at bay. Check for antioxidants in your skincare products too. Of course if you're using Hue Floresta's range of White-A-Fair products, you don't have to worry about this as their products are packed full of antioxidants!

- Glow with the flow
Water flushes out toxins and keeps your skin supple and clear. Bring around a bottle of water with you everyday and drink to healthy skin!

-Slather on the screen
The great outdoors is wonderful but pollution and the sun's rays can cause havoc to your skin! So alwyas apply a broad spectrum sunscreen even if you're not planning to be in direct sunlight. I myself am guilty of being too lazy to even apply sunscreen when I head out. However, I know how damaging the sun rays can be especially in hot and humid Singapore. Thus I'm diligently applying sunscreen everyday before I head outdoors, to prevent my skin from getting damaged and ageing prematurely!

This year, Ember Hue have worked together with Kidney Dialysis Foundation (KDF) and EPIC Cyclists to participate in their annual fund-raising event KDF Millennium Ride 2016. While the EPIC cyclist will be cycling hard from Malaysia back to Singapore for the benefit of KDF patients, our product will be hard at work as well to nourish and protect the cyclists’ skin. Over 70 cyclists will be participating in the KDF Millennium Ride 2016 and riding 1000km in four days!

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Price for the products (before discount) are as below.
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1. Purifying facial Cleanser - $40.00
2. Exfoliant - $55.00
3. Revitalising Treatment Essence - $67.00
4. Day Protection Cream - $60.00
5. Night Repair Emulsion - $60.00
6. Intensive Whitening Mask - $68.00
7. Natural Pearl Foundation - $98.00

Love how radiant my skin is, after using Hue Floresta's range of White-A-Fair products for only a few days! Follow the skincare tips and head over to for more information to get your essential whitening skincare to complete your skincare regime!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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