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I had the privilege to visit Love & Co. to admire their beautiful jewellery pieces (especially their engagement rings!!) and their Valentine's Day special this year! 

Join me on my journey and here's a special perk for you, to my readers who are getting their engagement rings or wedding bands: QUOTE 'LVCxKaitinghearts' for $100 OFF at any Love & Co. showrooms!

The specialist in couple bands, diamond solitaires and love jewellery, Love & Co. brings the romantic essence of love to the jewellery store with a touch of sophistication and contemporary elegance. As such, I was so happy to be invited over to their showroom at VivoCity to try out their intricate pieces!

Love & Co. honours the sacred 15th century tradition of ring exchange by uniting exceptional craftsmanship with contemporary interpretations of the perfect circle – the symbol of the eternal union. Here we are, looking at the gorgeous wedding bands thinking how are we supposed to choose something perfect when everything looks so good?!

With their repute as a leading creator of bespoke jewellery, as well as their extensive range of wedding bands and diamond solitares, Love & Co. has been delicately entwining the hearts of couples in love.

The Love & Co. jewellery designs speak of intimacy and romance. They marry masculinity and feminity by using different colours and types of precious materials, which are then interwoven into one. Your Love & Co. jewellery is the most eloquent expression of love and the perfect representation of your union.

Carefully measured and made to your specifications, Love & Co. retains the original design aesthetics, while allowing you to convey your personal style through the choice of precious materials and customisable details.

As a leader in wedding bands, they have the widest selection of couple bands (I can attest to that!) as well as concentrated design efforts on these couple bands.

With advanced manufacturing methods & craftsmanship, the stringent quality checks will be able to last a lifetime.

The consultations at Love & Co. are service-oriented, providing world-class service and a memorable experience. They are also well-groomed, professional and willing to go the extra mile for customers.

Having experienced their impeccable service myself, I would really recommend Love & Co. to my fellow friends who are getting married!!!

Let me introduce to you Love & Co.'s Signature Collection – LVC Lovemark (Solitaire)!

With 50 Promises of Quality and a mark of exclusivity, you know it's definitely a must to capture your future wife's heart! Love & Co.'s LVC Lovemark collection is crafted to perfection, with dual assurance with the inscription of Rose Hallmark.

As a huge lover of hearts (no surprise there), I fell in love with Love & Co.'s LVC Precieux collection!!!

Heart-shaped diamonds are a rarity due to its complex shape, resulting in it being one of the most expensive diamond cuts. At Love and Co., their craftsmen take an exceptional stone and meticulously cut out two identical halves for a symmetrical and obvious heart silhouette, resulting in a diamond of optimum brilliance! 

Another one of Love & Co.'s signature collection – LVC Promise (Wedding Bands)
With interchangeable LVC Promise wedding bands, you get a choice of either plain or diamond bands! Interlocking 'L's are their signature and there are also 'Glamour' pieces with more than 2 carats of diamonds. Gorgeously extravagant!

This gorgeous set of wedding bands just took my breath away. Now I definitely know where to go ring shopping after I get engaged!

LVC Love Story - Valentine's Day Special
Spice up a romance journey with stylish locket pendants in rose gold this Valentine’s Day!

Love & Co., the premier bespoke specialist in couple bands, solitaires and bridal jewellery, has unveiled the latest rose gold addition to its existing LVC Charmes Love Story locket collection. A selection of exquisite charms nestled safely within a white gold sapphire glass locket.

This is SO GORGEOUS and totally perfect for Valentine's Day! Choose from a whole range of alphabets, numbers and exclusive charms specially designed to express your unique story with your significant other. Available in rose gold (newly-launched), plain white gold and white gold with diamonds. Locket prices start from $869 and each charm is going from $69!

In this season of love, the alluring rose gold holds symbolism of eternal romance and portrays timeless elegance. The Love Story locket collection gives you the creativity of illustrating your unique romance journey through exquisite, delicate charms which are safely nestled within a sapphire glass locket.

Mark a milestone, celebrate a joyous occasion or express appreciation for that special someone with the array of charms which includes alphabets, numbers and iconic shapes that represent love, specially designed to express every unique love story.

Love & Co.’s Love Story locket pendant is now available in 3 variations – elegant rose gold, classic white gold as well as a luxurious white gold pendant adorned with diamonds. Intricately handmade by master craftsmen, the locket makes the perfect gift for your loved one and adds a touch of artistry to their jewellery collection.

Love & Co.’s Love Story Interactive Site
Discover and experience the personalisation of Love & Co.’s Love Story lockets on the newly-developed interactive site (visit The key feature of the interactive site boasts an engaging, enhanced user experience and it allows user to personalise their lockets prior to purchasing it in store in 3 simple steps.

Step 1 – Choose Your Desired Locket

Step 2 – Choose Your Favourite Charms

Step 3 – Receive an E-mail of Your Personalised Love Story Locket

Alongside the launch of the Love Story locket collection, Love & Co. has created a video showcasing the graceful swinging movement of the locket and charms.
If this doesn't work, view the video here:

The LVC Charmes Love Story locket collection is available at all 11 Love & Co.’s showrooms in Singapore and Malaysia.

Had a really good time learning about diamonds, choosing my favourite diamond ring and checking my ring size! Thank you Love & Co. for the superb service!

Photo credits to The Influencer Network as well as Derrick See!

Enjoy $100 off when you quote <LVCxKaitinghearts> at any Love & Co. showroom!

Terms & Conditions
1. Promotion is valid till 31 April 2016.
2. Promotion is only valid when you quote the specific influencer’s code prior to purchase.
3. Promotion is only applicable to the purchase of LVC Lovemark solitaire collection (diamond to be 0.3ct and above) or a pair of LVC Promise wedding bands.
4. Promotion is not applicable with the use of other discount vouchers and/or offers.
5. Promotion is only valid for a single transaction per person.

xoxo, kaitinghearts


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