#ComeToMeSomersby - Somersby Kombi's Visit

Starting in July, a decked out Somersby volkswagen Kombi will go around Singapore, offering samples of tasty Somersby to everyone, from office workers to undergrads! They'll be hitting up awesome food establishments, from bars and cafes, to sunny Sentosa, and even some tertiary institutes for their camps.

It's the best yummy way to quench your thirst in our very sunny Singapore island!

With the hashtag #ComeToMeSomersby, post a picture on either Facebook or Instagram to tell them where you'd like their Somersby Kombi to visit! It could be a friend's party, a bash, a gathering, your favourite bar - they might be able surprise you with ciders courtesy of their Somersby Kombi!

At the end of #ComeToMeSomersby campaign, they hope to visit 3 fans with the best shoutout and bring them Somersby at their parties/gatherings.

Thank you Somersby for sending over these delicious ciders for us to enjoy! Get tagging and good luck, may you win some ciders for your party!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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