Ken's Proposal - Officially Engaged

Hello friends! Firstly, I would like to start by thanking every one for your heartfelt congratulations and wishes! Both Ken and I were overwhelmed and overjoyed to receive so much love, and we are really very thankful!

We officially got engaged on 27th July! Let me tell you about the proposal, and how Ken had it planned out!

Our families were actually at NTU for my convocation prior to the proposal! It was a really memorably day as I officially graduated and got engaged! :)

After my convocation, unbeknownst to me, Ken's family and my family left for Keppel Bay first to board the yacht and prepare for our arrival. Ken managed to delay me in school for quite a while because we were waiting to collect the printout of my photo taken on stage. (which was a terribly ugly photo because of the angle, but I had no choice because we couldn't preview the photo before buying, and my parents didn't manage to get a nice photo of me on stage)

Moving on, I waited for more than half an hour before Ken came back. Then we finally set off towards Keppel as he told me that we are going to eat at Privé Cafe.

This is Ken's daddy helping to arrange and prepare the scented candles before we arrive!

When we reached Keppel Bay, we bypassed the cafe and he ushered me to the yacht area. When we reached the yacht, I saw the setup and our family members, and was so surprised! All along I knew Ken was planning a proposal but I didn't have a clue when or how it's gonna be. He repeatedly told me it will not be on my convocation day because he does not want the proposal to overshadow my convocation hahaha. But then again knowing Ken, he will always throw me off to plan for the best surprise!

So there we stood, with our loved ones watching us, as Ken took my hand in his and spoke a few words. He didn't say much and I was overwhelmed as well so I can't really remember what he said (hahaha) but he told me he was thinking, "So this is how it feels to propose to the woman of my life." I saw tears in his eyes and I was struggling to maintain mine too because I didn't want to burst into tears!

When Ken went down on one knee, I didn't even answer his question "Will you marry me?" I just stuck out my hand eagerly for him to put the ring. My mum was jokingly saying, "Ting ah, you never even pretend to consider you just say yes?" And everyone laughed!

We shared a hug after that. Thank you for the wonderful surprise and for always giving me the best! I love you Ken!

Overwhelmed with love and so happy I finally got a pretty heart-shape ring on my finger! Hahaha. Yes, who doesn't know my favourite shape is a heart? So of course Ken got me a solitaire heart-shape diamond ring!

Thankful to have our beloved family members witnessing our special moment with us!

The surprise was almost ruined because Ken actually made a huge mistake! The night before, he created a group chat titled "tmrw big day" and accidentally added me! His reason was that I'm in most of his group chats so adding me in a new group chat became sort of a habit for him haha.

He immediately called me and asked me to switch off my phone. Luckily for him, I was engrossed in the book I was reading and didn't check my phone, thus I didn't see the whatsapp notification. Being the good girl I was, and also because I didn't want to spoil my own surprise nor Ken's efforts, I listened to him and immediately switched off my phone.

A few days before the proposal, we were spending the day together at Ion Orchard. Ken kept complaining of a stomachache, and he spent a long time at the toilet twice. I offered to wait for him outside the toilet but he insisted that I wait in the restaurant and order our food first. I didn't think much of it, because he texted me to tell me that the toilet ran out of toilet paper so he had to go to another toilet hahaha. It was after he proposed that I found out he had been rushing to Sookee's outlet to collect the ring!

  We would like to sincerely thank Derrick from Seed Image for the pretty photos!!! Do feel free to contact him for any photography services! Also, The Wild Woods for sponsoring the bloom box of gorgeous roses as well. If you're looking to get a gift for your loved one, this box of roses will be perfect! Quote 'kaitinghearts10' for 10% off! :)

We would also like to offer thanks to Sookee Jewellery, SG Yacht and Stamford Catering for providing a special/discounted price, and everyone who helped out in Ken's proposal one way or another!

One more group picture before we left, with the people closest to our hearts.

Ready to begin the next phrase of life together!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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