Orchard Central's Food Festival

Orchard Central (OC) takes you and your taste buds on an adventure this July and August where you can explore, learn and indulge in a selection of treats spanning from Japan, to Panama and even Lithuania, at their annual Food Festival.

I attended their cocktail workshop and learnt about the art of cocktail-making from the owner of Platypus Kitchen himself! Thank you OC for having me, I enjoyed the cocktail workshop!

Besides a usual line up of irresistible dining offers and promotion, expect a curated selections of F&B artisans’ from various parts of the world who will present delicacies ranging from artisanal Chocolates and Coffee, to Italian gourmet condiments and even to Rum, Wine, Sake and Whisky. 

Shoppers can visit the event space on level one after a meal at one of OC's forty food eateries and allow the passionate experts from the likes of Beans to Bars, Italian Gourmet from Clessidra, EN Sakaba and Paddy Hills to introduce the concept of food appreciation and pairing to you. Find out the story behind each unique offering in the weekly workshops where one gets to savour the exquisite taste of each and every item that is retailed at a special promotional price. Other interesting hands on workshops include learning Coffee Art and the craft of Cocktail Making.

The experience will get sweeter with the promotions that OC has whipped up. With a minimum spend of $10 in a single same day receipt at any F&B outlets, shoppers get rewarded with a free signature OC Mocktail. Qualify for an additional dining voucher worth $10 at the sure-win lucky dip and complimentary 3 hours parking (weekdays, weekends and even public holidays) with just a minimum spend of $50 in a single same day receipt at any F&B outlets. What’s more? Be rewarded with 300 ShopFarEast bonus points and a Starbucks® Coffee with a minimum spend of $80 in a single same day receipt. All terms & conditions apply.

OC Food Fest is poised to be the event of the year with a series of activities. Take photos with the display of the lastest Ducati motorcycle. Enjoy the music selection by DJ Nicky, who will also take your song requests and dedication, every Friday from 6.30pm to 9.30pm as well as on weekends from 2pm to 6pm. One can also enjoy flairtending performances by professional and award winning bartenders every weekends at 2.15pm, 3.45pm and 5.15pm.

Visit www.orchardcentral.com.sg for more information about the available workshops/event, and its Facebook fan page at www.facebook.com/oc for the latest updates. Have fun!

xoxo, kaitinghearts


  1. wow a foodfest! sounds amusing :))

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