Riverside Grilled Fish - Serving Up Delicious Chinese Cuisine

The legendary grilled fish restaurant that is no stranger to snaking long queues in China is now open in Singapore!

Say hello to Riverside Grilled Fish, serving up fresh & delicious Chinese cuisines!

Centrally located in Raffles City Shopping Centre, the huge restaurant has a total seating capacity of 150 pax. The interior of Riverside GrilledFish 江边城外 in Singapore takes on a contemporary oriental design, keeping the environment modern and stylish while featuring oriental influences inspired by traditional fishing villages in China.

Serving up a storm in its 54 outlets across China, Riverside Grilled Fish 江边城外 first started in Beijing in 2005 and won customers over with its signature whole fish dishes that are grilled to perfection using classic Chong Qing recipes put together using the freshest ingredients. The restaurant has since expanded to 12 cities in China including Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuhan and Hangzhou and now its first location outside China in Singapore, marking its first foray overseas.

Known for their grilled whole fish dishes, Riverside Grilled Fish 江边城外 diners can choose to pair their selected fish – Red Tilapia ($35.00), Sea Bass ($35.00), Black Promfret ($38.00) or Garoupa ($42.00) with any of the eight appetizing accompanying sauces of their choice. They will also have the option of choosing from 18 different types of side dishes including sausages, pork belly, tofu sheets and flat vermicelli to be cooked with their whole grilled fish - at an additional cost of $2.50 - $4.50 per side dish.

The distinctive spicy and sweet aroma and appetizing myriad of colours of their Signature Fragrant Spicy sauce is sure to whet your appetite once you set your eyes on it. The main ingredients of this sauce includes dried chilli, diced spring onions, sesame, yellow beans and peanuts. Definitely the go-to choice for diners looking for that extra spicy kick!

Can't take so much spice, like me? You will love this Black Bean sauce! The Yong chuan district in Chong Qing is especially famous for producing fragrant black beans - a key ingredient in many Chong Qing recipes. Our signature Black Bean Sauce is made with a combination of black beans and coriander, resulting in a sauce that is exceptionally fragrant and refreshing. The perfect choice for diners who prefer something non-spicy!

Riverside Grilled Fish's unique sauce is the ideal selection for the adventurous! Sweet, sour and Ma La flavours collide to form a robust sauce that will excite your senses like never before. Try it to believe it!

 Their classic Ma La sauce is made with a combination of Ma La spices, dried chilli, pepper, onions and coriander. The intense Ma La flavours of this sauce will give your taste buds the boost it never knew it needed.

In addition to Riverside Grilled Fish 江边城外’s signature grilled whole fish dishes, the restaurant also offers an extensive menu of appetizers, snacks and beverages – marking more than 60 menu items in total.

This is my favourite!!! Pan-fried Rice Cake with Soya Powder (蛋煎糍粑) are pan-fried with eggs, leaving them with a thin crisp on the outside while keeping it chewy on the inside. Soya powder is then sprinkled on the rice cakes and diners can choose to dip the rice cakes in white sugar for the perfect sweet and refreshing combination.

All in all, I really enjoyed my meal over at Riverside Grilled Fish and would love to visit again with my friends! I would recommend heading there with your family or friends so that the huge fish can be shared.

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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