Shiseido Ultimune Launch - Be The Ultimate You

Twenty years of skin immunity research have led to the creation of ULTIMUNE by Shiseido. Now your skin can reclaim the strength to fight all kinds of damage on its own. Make strong, beautiful skin your reality, now and over time.

I attended the launch event of Shiseido's Ultimune range at 1-Altitude and it was so fun! Join me as I tell you about the benefits of this Ultimune range and Shiseido's new ambassador, Fann Wong!

After 20 years of research, Shiseido has discovered the key to skin’s immunity – Langerhans cells. Although this rare cell only accounts for 2-5% of your epidermis, it is the commander-in-chief of your immunity system. It forms an intricate network that covers your epidermis and acts like a protector to warn other cells of external aggressors.

However, ultraviolet rays, air pollution, dehydration, stress and ageing severely compromise the efficacy of Langerhans cells. To revive your skin’s natural defence, Shiseido has developed the Ultimune range - a revolutionary serum that enhances the function of Langerhans cells.

The skin around your eyes is approximately one-third as thick as the rest of your face, has fewer sweat and sebum glands, and is subject to constant stress from blinking and friction. This exceptional eye concentrate is formulated with Ultimune Complex, as well as new breakthrough ingredients to combat stress and fatigue. This universal concentrate strengthens skin and maximises the benefits of your skincare routine that follows.

Shiseido's CEO posing for a picture with ambassador Fann Wong. Click HERE to check out Fann Wong's thoughts on Shiseido, as well as their interview with her!

I even scored a picture with the gorgeous Fann Wong herself at the event!!! And also appeared on her Instagram HERE woohoo!

With the other pretty babes! We had so much fun drinking cocktails, snapping pictures of the awesome view of sunset and Singapore's skyline from 1-Altitude's viewing gallery. It's the highest viewing gallery in Singapore at 282 metres above sea level and ultimate tourist spot for the most stunning 360-degree views of Singapore’s cityscape!

Here's Keryn who came along with me! Thank you Shiseido for having us!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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