HopHeads Craft Beer & Bar - Underground Heaven

Brought to you by the people who want to spread the love for craft beer in Singapore, Hopheads Craft Beer & Bar offers a variety of unique & delicious beers on tap and in bottles. As a fuss-free drinking establishment, they believe that a cold pint of beer will solve any problem!

We had a feast for dinner that night over at the hugeeeee underground restaurant heaven and really enjoyed our time there!

Hopheads boosts a great selection of bottled craft beers and rotational craft taps, as well as an increased food menu from their old place. Established in 2014, Hopheads was originally located at 11 Penang Lane and they have since moved across the street.

Their new location is 178 Clemenceau Ave, Haw Par Glass Tower B1-00. Find them at the basement of Haw Par Glass Tower opposite Red Cross. Look for the yellow stairs facing the main road and head down to The Only Heaven Underground!

Great for big groups, Hopheads have a seating capacity of 180 with lots of space to move around. They are also circular in shape and underground. You will never be chased out of your seat! Sit and chill with your friends amidst good beer and food. I can safely proclaim that I've found the best place for a class gathering!!!

Hopheads is your home away from home! With the large space, you can drink, play pool, darts, ping pong, table soccer and beer pong with your friends into the wee hours without fears of your neighbours or even parents complaining. Make lots of noise because at Hopheads, freedom of expression is encouraged! See why it's an underground heaven?

We had the chance to try out Gosnells mead in Singapore here at Hopheads!!! Hailing all the way from London, the founders employ traditional brewing methods and blend carefully-sourced citrus blossom honey with water to create new styles of mead that are very different from typical meads.

Gosnells Hopped Mead is a creative twist on original mead, dry hopping mellows the characteristic sweetness and brings greater body to this crisp spring mead. Perfect stocked alongside Gosnells London Mead, offering drinkers the unique Gosnells experience in an intriguing new format.

Gosnells Citrus Sea Mead is a limited edition brew, and contains a rich blend of honeys fermented with lemon peel, tarragon and a Citra led hop blend. As a final touch before bottling, it is blended with sea water, yielding a tantalising, salty sweet flavour.

We tried these two flavours and both were delicious! I was never a fan of any form of alcohol (beer/wine/liqour) but this was something I could get used to! Would really recommend heading down to Hopheads to savour these.

Mushies, $13.90
Whole deep fried white button mushrooms, seasoned with thyme and a kaffir lime mayo dipping sauce. The perfect appetizer to start your meal because you can rarely go wrong with fried mushrooms!

Chilli Crab Pasta, $17.90
Chunky crab meat with a tomato based chilli crab sauce with parmesan crisp. Fragrant and yummy! Would recommend for spicy-lovers.

Salted Egg Yolk Pasta, $16.90
Deep fried breaded tiger prawns topped on our signature creamy salted egg yolk sauce with curry leaves and chilli. I had this and the tiger prawns were so fresh and delicious! The salted egg yolk sauce was a little too dry though, but that might have been because I slept too long taking photos oops.

Bacon Burger, $18.90
180g premium beef patty topped with sunny side up, bacon, garlic aioli and a side of fries. Beef patty was juicy and well-cooked, and burger was filling.

Waffle Burger, $18.90
Southern fried chicken thigh topped with sunny side up and maple syrup in between 2 waffles with a side of fries. One of my favourite dish! The waffles were sweet and it's a contrast to the flavour of the chicken, which makes this dish slightly different from the usual.

Thank you Hopheads for having us over! It's definitely the place to head to for speciality beers and much fun! Hopheads is holding a New Year's Eve special countdown (more information HERE) so do drop your reservations with them asap!

8PM - 4AM

Set yourself free this New Year's Eve at Hopheads. No cover charge, no minimum spend, only fun and laughter with your best buddies. Dance from 2016 till 2017! Bring your A-Game, put your blings on, dress up as Kanye, Drake or Riri and we'll show you how a great house party is done.
Now get dressed homegirls and homeboys cause we bout to GET TURNT! Welcome to da hood.

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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