Cajun on Wheels - Delicious Seafood in Buckets

Eliminating the complications of hunting down good-quality seafood, Cajun on Wheels is a new seafood chain that provides the enjoyment of premium seafood dishes in absence of any ostentatiousness.

In true American fashion, Cajun on Wheels takes on the spirit of the gourmet food truck, catering fresh and quintessentially Louisiana-style seafood cuisine without the fuzz. We had a good time feasting on them crabs and were so spoilt for choices with their variety of seafood buckets!

Cajun On Wheels introduces two new sections to its menu, new sauces that compliment its fresh seafood, and adds a few more tasty bites to it’s sides menu. Since opening late last year at Pasarbella Suntec City, the latest Louisiana-style seafood chain has incorporated the convenience of gourmet food trucks and has been providing hassle-free quality seafood. With the added kitchen area and whopping seating of 82, seafood lovers can now enjoy the classic and new scrumptious dishes conveniently at Plaza Singapura.

Dunk those fingers into the different choices of seafood buckets great for sharing among family and friends, enjoying a delicious mess. For the on-the-goers, simply choose one of the Ocean boxes that includes a main protein and a wide selection of wholesome side-dishes, and before you know it, you’re already on your way with REEL seafood goodness in your hands.

Poseidon Bucket, $109
Chosen to be served with Chilli Egg sauce, this heartful bucket contains 600g of Sri Lankan Crab, 300g of Prawns, 300g of White Clams, 300g of Mussels, as well as sweet corn, potatoes and chicken spam. Would recommend friends to order this to share! I reckon it can feed around 3-4 pax.

Oh Crab Bucket, $59
We chose our crab to be served with Cajun Cheese sauce! Contains 600g of Sri Lanka live crab, corn, potatoes and chicken spam. Top up and additional $10 to get the 800g Sri Lanka crab. I really enjoyed the sauce! The crab's meat was thick and tasty as well and I had a good time savouring it.

Mussels Stew, $21.90
A flavourful rich stew made for shellfood lovers. The tasteful tomato flavours bring out the freshness of the mussels, and compliment any sides you might be having.

Soft Shell Crab Ocean Box, $14.90
For this, we chose the Thai Red Curry Sauce. Served with aglio olio on the side, this will make for a good takeaway meal to fill up your stomach quick! Available in a set for $16.90.

The Nice Platter, $39.90
Choose between pilaf rice or aglio oil to be served together! We chose the Cajun Rice Pilaf to complement the sea bass and live Hokkaido scallops.

Crusty C.O.W Burger, $39.90
The hot new favourite in town, this burger boasts a full serving of freshly grilled lobster set atop a thick and juicy patty made with 100% premium beef. This will definitely be satisfying for big eaters or you could choose to share between two.

For all of the yummy seafood buckets and fish boxes (besides Fish & Torpedo Prawn Bites & Mixed Seafood), diners can choose from the selection of savoury sauces including Cajun Cheese, Cheesy Cream, Chilli Egg, Salted Egg Yolk and spicier Thai Red Curry. Now, there are two new additions, Sambal Tumis which packs a punch and Cajun Herb & Butter featuring sweet and savoury flavours.

I would really recommend Cajun on Wheels as a restaurant for you to satisfy your seafood cravings. Be it a quick bite or a wholesome meal, Cajun on Wheels never disappoints! Thank you C.O.W. for having us!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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