Love Cooking after CULINARYON's Fun Classes

Who knew learning to cook can be so fun? Definitely not me; until I attended a cooking class at CULINARYON!!! Designed to exude a relaxed, just-like-home vibe, the CULINARYON cooking academy with its brick walls, wooden floors, and accents of bold purple, is perfect for cooking activities and cooking classes!

Here's us snapping a picture with Chef Antonio while our mussles are cooking away! Read on and you'll understand how I fell in love with cooking after attending CULINARYON's fun class!

CULINARYON is an international chain of fun cooking studios, now located in Singapore's CBD area, #04-63, Tower 2, One Raffles Place, Singapore 048616. Not only does CULINARYON provide fun cooking classes, it's also an ideal place for entertaining events with friends or colleagues, for creative team bonding happenings, for funny birthday parties and for fun-filled memorable kids birthday celebrations.

CULINARYON turn learning and mastering new cooking skills into an exciting event, and an opportunity to have a great time and taste delicious dishes. There are no limitations in terms of both target audiences and number of guests. It's a perfect place for your large group of friends!

The spacious 7,000 sq ft studio, by far the largest cooking studio in Asia, can be divided into conference room and 4 event areas, each with its own cooking stations, chef table and a bar. The welcoming space is great for parties, master classes, corporate team buildings, business trainings, birthday celebrations and more. Don't believe me? Head over HERE to check out CULINARYON's 3D Studio Tour and you'll be amazed!

Ingredients, check. Equipment, check. Kitchen helpers, check. The whole team on standby just so you can concentrate on what is important: having a fantastic time! So put on your apron and get ready for a memorable cooking experience. 

Gather around chef’s table and let the executive chef brief you on your culinary adventure for the day. He will also most certainly be dishing out invaluable insight, and professional tips for whipping up a stellar meal. Recipes for the day, with step-by-step instructions, are displayed on iPads, and expert chefs will guide you all the way as you get hands on. 

I CAN COOK! This was me frying green apples with sugar for our dessert: ravioli with apple and honey sauce!

Bask in the conviviality of good company and conversation while you roll out pasta, grill meat, and flambé dessert with your friends and associates. Have a burning question? Chef is always around to help. Getting a little tired? Why not take a drink break at the bar. Missed a cooking step? No worries, just swipe the recipes on the iPads and you can easily catch up.

CULINARYON actually made cooking seem so EASY! It's pretty incredible that in just a few simple steps we prepared such a delicious meal! Other than the chef, trainers are around as well to provide more fun and help so that you'll be able to do the right things even if you're a klutz like me. Even the person most clueless about cooking can whip up a good dish, trust me when I promise that the team at CULINARYON will make sure of that!

Not to mention the amount of fun we had. Can't believe there were so many candid photos of me laughing! I really did have so much fun!

After all that work, sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour at the chef’s table, and relish the wonderful 3-course meal you just prepared – sometimes, you might not even have to wait till the end to taste your delicious creations, dishes will be served as soon as they are ready. YOU KNOW WHAT'S THE BEST THING? All the food tasted so delicious! And I actually feel proud that I prepared such yummy dishes! Teehee!

Lastly, you'll even get certificates upon completing the class! Can I say I'm a certified chef now?

Furthermore, you can learn to cook FOR FREE with your SKILLS FUTURE CREDITS! Looking for the tastiest way to spend them? Check out delicious classes from SkillsHQ in CulinaryOn! Find your favourite class and join the culinary journey!

Now, don’t just take my word for it. Head down to CULINARYON to join a master class and experience the fun yourself! Thank you CULINARYON for having us over, we had a really fun time learning to cook and I MIGHT even start to love entering the kitchen to cook and that's a first!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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