EhBuzz - Authentic Buzz Portal with Gamification

Introducing to you, ehbuzz, a platform where you get to find out the best of any merchants in Singapore through the words of everyday users in a gamification app. Sounds good? It definitely is!

Here's how my profile looks like on ehbuzz, where I get to personalize my account and earn badges when I add outlet recommendations!

So what exactly is ehbuzz? ehbuzz seeks to be the authentic buzz portal that consumers go to by trending influencers, outlets and buzzes through gamification! You'll be able to check out what are the popular restaurants people like and the ranking, all on one page.

There will be information about the restaurants as well, like the price range, the walking distance as well as the people who like that restaurant! There are also stars rating as well as the value, quality and service.

What's different about ehbuzz is that it is an authentic buzz portal which carries authentic reviews. There are many consumer review portals around which are populated with sparse information and a low update cycle. Furthermore, the others may also contain questionable content due to a lack of users' background. Some feedback channels are abused for users to gain points or some incentives, which result in very low-quality reviews.

However, with ehbuzz, your reviewers will be influencers you know, thus you will be able to have more faith in their reviews! Here's a sample of the interface for influencers. You'll be able to earn badges and check out who's following your update as well as insert a link to your own blogpost.

One special thing that makes ehbuzz fun is the concept of gamification throughout their user interface! You'll get to level up with experience points through contribution, as well as gain unique and special badges.

Here are many badges you'll be able to collect, looks good right? Sign up with ehbuzz now!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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