Bridesmaids Photoshoot & Hen's Night Party

I had my bridesmaids photoshoot and my hen's night party all in one day and I had so much fun with my girls! Our photographers took many nice shots of us and we had the most gorgeous fiery sky as a backdrop! So thankful. 

Read on to check out our beautiful photos and what my girls planned for me on my Hen's Night Party! Can't believe that my wedding is coming up so so soon!

Photography by Fred from @light.steps and

Photography by Tim from @vaguesketches.

Bridesmaids dresses from Le Voeu

Le Voeu has many gorgeous gowns and dresses that we had a hard time choosing when we went down! The staff there were so patient with us because it's not easy to do fitting for 5 girls at the same time, and they even provided on-the-spot altering for us by a nearby store. We really had the perfect service from them and I'm so thankful! Furthermore, the dresses are made of really silky and premium material which is really stretchable and comfy.

Le Voeu is located on the first floor of City Plaza, right at the entrance #01-110 so it's hard to miss the store! They are open everyday from 10am to 9pm. You can head to my Dayre post HERE for more candid details on Le Voeu.

I wasn't kidding when I said we were blessed with a gorgeous fiery sky for our shoot!

Floral crown and flowers are done by Meixi's mum. My eyes lit up at first sight because the flowers and baby breaths used for the crowns are so delicate and it's really the feel I wanted to go for. If you're interested, please drop leave a comment below or drop me an email and I will be able to share the price packages for the flowers.

Gifted my bridesmaids with a beautiful horizontal bar bracelet with their names engraved on it, done by ZtyleCo. The work was so nicely done and look at those super pretty temporary tattoos! Very fitting for actual day photoshoots as well!

Huge thank-yous to our photographers Tim and Fred for coming all the way down for me and shooting so many gorgeous shots for us! They're really good at what they do so please do check them out!

Thank you to my soon-to-be hubby Ken for helping us out during the photoshoot, and being our chauffeur to and fro. You're a gem as always and I'm glad that I will be marrying the right man. 

Also gave my bridesmaids these beautiful bridesmaids proposal cards from Miraculove where I wrote my heartfelt thanks to them for being such good friends! Miraculove provides many pretty invitation cards, as well as bespoke creations. I fell in love with their designs at first sight because it was honestly so hard not to! Check out their page HERE for more bridesmaids cards.

After our photoshoot, the girls locked me out of my room and continued their preparation for my Hen's Night Party! Here is the grand reveal of the dessert table they prepared specially for me! 

All party props including my crown and my bride-to-be sash is from Misty Daydream where they have a super big variety of essential party props! See the plates in my favourite pastel shades and the cute coaster? Plus they also have a whole page dedicated to wedding essentials! Check out in details what I got from them in my Dayre post HERE.

My girls decorated my hallway with pink balloons (all from Misty Daydream too) and surprised me with pink confetti! That's because my favourite colour is pink! Plus, these balloons are not helium balloons. They had to use the ladder and climb up to stick them on to my ceiling hahaha so effort right! The photos are of my close friends and family!

My maid of honour Jeanette passing me the girls' gifts to me! They're really thoughtful and got me props to help with my photo-taking for my Instagram posts! And also a new pink laptop case of superb quality which I really love. Thank you girls!!!

On to the games and here's one of the most fun game ever: BRA PONG! Can you see the pink confetti in the background? Hahaha.

They all thought that I was going to LOSE but no, I won all of them hands down! I'm the queen! Hahaha. Basically it's a point-system game where all the bra cups has allocated points to them. Then, I have to bounce the ping pong ball on to the surface before landing it in a cup. The top right was the most points at +6 and I GOT IT. Piece of cake! However, they still made me do the forfeit!!!

Much to their delight (and those following my Instagram stories), I put up an entertaining performance to the chicken-dance song that got them all in laughters. What can I say, I'm a born entertainer! As is my ESFP personality hehehe.

Next we played this luck-based pirate game and the loser had to play Pie Face with me!

Xinyee was the lucky one and LOOK AT HER HAPPILY SMASHING THE WHIPPED CREAM TO MY FACE! I was looking at the hand in horror as it came nearer and nearer!

The resulting smash came along with much laughter from the girls again. I was already lucky because more than half of the whipped cream has fallen onto the table before it got to my face hahaha!

At the end of the night, we were all exhausted! It was a super fun night which my bridesmaids have spent a lot of effort on to make it enjoyable for me which I'm very thankful for. Lastly, the girls settled down to write me heartfelt letters to put into this nice jar for me. 

Shouting out to the girls I can count on! Jing Xian, Jiao Jun, Judith, Meixi and Xinyee. 

That sums up the day with my favourite girls and if you wanna see more snippets of our photoshoot and the hilarious moments of our party, please head over to my Dayre post HERE where I've uploaded all the videos. ENJOY! I do hope I will make you laugh!

xoxo, kaitinghearts


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  5. Beautiful photos! I am sure that it was great fun. Hen party with best friends is a new adveture! :)