Toasties - Affordable Sandwiches with Character

At Toasties, they have 1 rule only: DO IT TASTY. With passion that lies in crafting delicious food from scratch with the best quality ingredients, Toasties is the place to go for yummy sandwiches!

Toasties braise and grill their meats overnight, each and every single day. It’s not easy; but we got to taste the sandwiches ourselves and it's definitely worth it!

Ingredients used by Toasties in their sandwiches are all natural. From the farms to your plate, they prepare them fresh at all their outlets. While they serve high quality food, they also insist in maintaining their food at an affordable price point for all to enjoy.

No shortcuts are taken in preparing the best food they feed us with. They start with marinating meats with house recipes to ensure the most savoury flavours, before firing them up on the grill. Artisan breads are hand-rolled and baked fresh in-store, crisp lettuce are leaved and washed, sweet tomatoes and juicy onions hand sliced, topped with flavour-packed sauces that put the cherry on top. You'll have to try it to believe it!

Each sandwich is handcrafted with passion, too good not to share. Their warm and distinctive restaurant d├ęcor plays a part in inspire them to create flavour combinations that are unique to Toasties, while creating an inviting atmosphere for all guests to enjoy and share moments together.

Toasties' house marinated chipotle chicken is 100% flavourful, and to die for. It's oven-grilled throughout the day, chopped and served, while the Mexican pulled beef is fork-pulled every morning to ensure the most savoury flavours.

Toasties serve the best kind of fries. Made from 100% potatoe-y goodness, julienned thin, and freshly fried to order to ensure maximum crisp on the outside and fluffiness inside. Served with a dip of your choice – chipotle mayo or garlic aioli. I've tried both and really liked both, so just take your pick!

Refresh yourself and enjoy your meal with an ice cold beverage. From their delicious house-made lemonade and fresh brewed iced lemon tea, to an assortment of fountain sodas and hot drinks, Toasties have got you covered.

Toasties currently have 4 outlets in Singapore and you can check out their locations HERE. Did I mention they are also halal-certified? Yes! Kick back and enjoy your yummy sandwich that will leave you craving for more!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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  1. Oh yummy - those look so good I want to move out to Singapore!

    I wish they'd open an outlet in London :-)

    Joy - Blogging After Dark