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Do you agree with me that there is no better way to interact than a meet-up? I mean, chatting online is cool and all, but there's nothing like being able to physically see the person in front of you.

Ken and I actually met-up for a meal which was very important in our relationship as it was then where our feelings for each other blossomed. Thus I believe that meeting up is always essential to establish a genuine connection!

If you know me well, you would know that I loveeeee food and I'm almost always hungry. The three words I say the most often (even more often that "I love you") is "I AM HUNGRY." So Ken knows that eating good food will always bring my mood up considerably especially after a long day!

I believe that meeting up in person and engaging in a real-life conversation is so important for a genuine connection! You’ll get to see so much more of the person in real life, as compared to just communicating via the phone. You’ll get to see the way their face light up when talking about their passion, or how intently they listen to your stories. You’ll get to see their little gentlemanly or kind actions that will unintentionally warm your heart.

Ken and I actually met up for a meal really early in our budding relationship. Unbeknownst to each other, we were actually very nervous and excited at the same time. When we became closer, Ken divulged that he was actually driving very slowly that night to prolong our time together. How sweet! On our very first date where we barely knew each other, he poured his heart out to me and his honesty touched me. That was how sparks flew for us!

With Bite's unique date-and-dine concept, you get to set a date, time and place for a meal before you even start chatting. Bite app allows you to connect genuinely - not just on the app itself. A date will be set-up and you’ll be able to meet up in restaurants to enjoy good food and good company!

Furthermore, some people may find that they get too shy to initiate a meet-up even if they want to. Thus, Bite solves all these problems for you by pre-arranging a meet-up beforehand!

Ending this post with Ken's thoughts below.

A great meal together is very important to me because it always serves as a well deserved break at the end of the day. After a long day at work, I just cannot wait to sit down and fill my hungry stomach with my wife. Having a meal together allows us to share and laugh about our day before having a nice glass of red wine to sooth our nerves. 

Having a meal together always does the trick for us. For me, looking at her smile after a crazy day of work will brighten me up and gives me a boost for another challenge ahead! For her, (& most girls if i may say) food makes her happy, very happy. As the saying goes, 'The way to a man's heart is through his stomach,' but before she can make her way there, you'd better fill hers first.

With Bite, you'll be able to find a partner for this first great meal that will possibly lead to many other great meals! You can search for a Lunch/Dinner or even Breakfast Kaki and who knows, that Kaki may become the love of your life!!!

So what are you waiting for? Bite is having a massive update on 30th April so be sure to check them out at! Download Bite now to make that genuine connection!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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