HKCplaza 7-in-1 Histolift Treatment

Hello! Do you want to know more about my awesome possum Histolift treatment at HKCplaza???

Here's Gail and I snapping some selfies before our treatment!

With the other bloggers over at HKCplaza's VIP media event! Thank you Gail for bringing me along as a plus one. I ended up writing as a blogger too! Hehe.

Now if you haven't heard of HCKplaza, it's a renown skin aesthetics clinic originating from South Korea! Where else can we get good skincare products other than Korea? With authentic Korean products as well as Korean staff manning the place, trusting my skincare to them would be no issue at all.

HKCplaza houses their main brand – Histolab – that is formulated mainly from stem-cell extraction technology. In South Korea, this technology is widely accepted and recommended by 7,000 over plastic surgery and skin clinics.

Okay, let's move on to our treatment!

Histolift Ultra High Speed Lifting treatment

This 7-in-1 treatment promises instant results in whitening, tightening, brightening, moisturizing, anti-wrinkling, pore-minimizing and lifting! It’s non-invasive and currently very popular in Korea, as it is very natural and uses only berries, herbs and organic plants.

Here are our 'before' photos!

Took some photos from Gail's blog!

Gail's selfie when I was getting my 'mugshot' taken. Hahaha.

Treatment time!

I had an uneven skin tone on my face because last semester I played tennis under the hot sun every week. Depending on which side of the court I was on, the side of my face will be under the direct attack of the scorching sun rays. Therefore this resulted in some parts of my face being darker than others. Luckily, this treatment helped to solve this problem!

Resting while the mask on our face takes effect!

We were amazed that the whole treatment was done only with hands and no machine! Which is pretty rare considering how machine-use has been so convenient & widespread in almost all aesthetic clinics. The procession was as per usual: cleansing, extraction before masking. Can't even remember how many years ago was my last facial session; my face doesn't give me acne problems because I have dry skin, and therefore I don't bother going for facials as well hahaha.

Here are our 'after' shots!

I immediately felt that the skin on my face became tighter, and that my face became so v-shaped!!! It's not very obvious in the picture but it was really obvious in real life. Also, NO MORE UNEVEN SKIN TONE! Wheeeeeee! (Just an add-on: my face condition is still so so so smooth & clean even after 2 weeks!)

Gail also looking good and a more well-defined v-shape to her already-slim face!

Anyway, did I mention that the facial treatment also included a wonderful shoulder and back massage??? So shiok we almost fell into a deep sleep!! What a good pampering after a long day at work.

Thank you Arina and her colleague for their wonderful service! I would really recommend this HistoLift treatment for women (and men) of ALL ages because it did wonders for my skin!

HKCplaza Official Opening

At the official opening of HKCplaza!

Ken and I met Celeste, one of the co-owners of HKCplaza, who is SO COINCIDENTALLY Ken's mummy good friend. They lost contact for a couple of years and now Celeste met Ken again! We were all so pleasantly surprised, and also thought it was unbelievable. Singapore is indeed so small that coincidence seem rampant! 

Celeste also commented on how my skin looks so much better after I started using their moisturizer hahaha because I last time I never used any moisturizer or anything on my face other than a simple facial wash oops. I've learnt now!!

The girls who came over for the meet-the-readers session!

 Ivan preparing the goodie bags for them!

Thank you girls for coming down! Hope y'all enjoyed the refreshments and goodie bags!

xoxo, kaitinghearts


  1. You already look very good before the treatment! :D

    1. Hi dear! Haha aww you flatter me! Thank you so much!

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