Udon Goen @ Wisma Food Republic

Udon GOEN reveals secret ingredient in their curry: tonkotsu stock!!! No wonder it's really not your ordinary curry!

The VERY BIG PORTION for 2-3 pax! But I swear I think 4 or more can share this plate! You know what's the best thing? It only costs $16.80 SO AFFORDABLE!

It is not all-udon at Udon GOEN, a humble stall located within Wisma Atria's Food Republic. The latest addition to its menu, Japanese Tonkatsu Curry Rice has become a hot favourite among its customers ever since its introduction. And here's why.

Price ranges from $4.80 to $14.80 only! 

Look at the lunch queue. Generous portion of good food at an affordable price, I would glady queue for it!

Tonkotsu Curry Rice, $7.80
This is hands-down MY FAVOURITE!!! The curry so yummy plus the pork is so tender! So affordable for such a large portion!

At Udon GOEN, cripsy fried tonkatsu lies ona bed of rice with delectably rich and thick curry. To achieve such a flavourful curry, Executive Chef, Kumasaka Kazunari added tonkotsu stock (pork bones boiled for at least 10 hours) instead of water as the soup base.

Kazunari, who, for years, honed his skills at a famous restaurant in Japan says, "In Singapore, the industry is highly saturated. With that many choices, the people here can easily differentiate between good and mediocre Japanese Curry Rice. To win the hearts of the locals here, knowing the art of making Japanese Curry Rice isn't enough. You have to understand the locals' palate."

WELL SAID, Chef Kazunari! No wonder I really loved the curry rice right after the first bite!

Big Size (Platter), $14.80
This is the very very big portion of lots of meat and curry rice! Big Size (Platter) is another item worth of a mention because of its size and the amount of goodness you can get from it. It consists of  crispy fried items like chicken katsu and fried prawns on a bed of Japanese curry rice, fit for sharing between 2-3 people at an affordable platter price from only $14.80. This is undoubtedly value for money, what more with ingredients freshly flown in from Kagawa, Japan.

Tonkotsu vegetable ramen, $6.80

Tonkotsu Special Ramen, $9.80

Found the pork too tough for both ramen. Wouldn't recommend the ramen.

Suan La Udon, $8.80

I'm not a fan of tom yum, yet I still found this yummy! Tom yum lovers like Crane said this was super delicious! Really worth a try if you love tom yum and udon!!

 Udon GOEN's affordable menu!

This is their curry menu! A MUST-TRY I swear; their curry rice is soooooo nice!!!

 Thank you Gin for asking me along to the food tasting!

Wefie shot with Crane, Hong Peng and Gin! It was a good lunch session!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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