Imakatsu @ Star Vista

Imakatsu is a Japanese restaurant at Star Vista, opened by a Japanese himself!

Here we have their Onsen Egg Cold Udon, with the Japanes aseptic onsen egg and Inaniwa udon from Akita prefecture in Japan.

Imakatsu's wood store front over at The Star Vista. 1 Vista Exchange Green, #01-17 Singapore 138617.

There is free flow vegetables/salad being served.

As well as two very yummy sauces to choose from, and salt from the small container if you happen to dislike both sauces. For me, I prefer the sauce in the white jar. It's really flavourful! The one in the black jar is slightly more on the sour side.

Chicken Fillet Cutlet ZEN, $14.80
This chicken cutlet is one of Imakatsu's specialty! The tenderness and juiciness of the chicken fillet is in a different dimension, something that their Imakatsu chefs spent decades to perfect. 

I never liked plain cutlet without curry, but this was so good I had two pieces and only gave William and Gin one each hahaha. The meat was really tender, and surprisingly not dry. Gin, who went for a previous food-tasting in the same restaurant last year when it opened, told me that last year when she was there their chicken cutlet was tough and dry. I'm so glad they improved so much!

Noodles time! Gin with me here!

Onsen Egg Cold Udon, $12.80
This is the Cold Udon, as the first featured photo on top ^ 

 Look at the watery eggg!!!! My favouriteeeee!

Mixing it up! I preferred this cold udon to the hot udon (below) because the noodles were bouncy and chewy, in just the right texture. Furthermore it's very cooling and refreshing in our hot weather. I haven't had cold udon before and was never a fan of udon. I always preferred ramen. But now I WANT COLD UDON! Anywhere else other than Imakatsu have?

Mentaiko Hot Udon, $13.80
This is their Mentaiko hot udon, where Imatksu uses special soup with bonito stock and Mentaiko from Fukuoka prefecture in Japan. You can enjoy flavour of bonito and taste of Mentaiko at its best with their Mentaiko udon!

Hehe I love mentaiko pasta, and this is my first time trying a mentaiko udon! It was pretty good, but perhaps we left it there too long, the udon noodles absorbed too much of the soup and didn't taste very nice. The mentako paste got too diluted in the soup to really taste it too. Still prefer the cold udon!

 Premium Pork Loin Cutlet ZEN (180g), $23.80
Premium Pork from Kagoshima offers real "taste" and "sweetness" of meat. It is carefully cooked with low heat to contain its flavour. You can enjoy Premium Pork Loin with their special salt from Japan.

Wow this is premium pork ok that's why so expensive! In Mandarin it's called 一分钱一分货 which means you get what you pay for. This was so yumz, and it's a must try especially if you like pork!

PIYOPIYO Minced Meat Cutlet, $9.80
This minced meat cutlet uses one of the best eggs in Singapore, directly imported from Japan. The egg will be cooked in a simmer style and is a very unique dish in Singapore.

EGG FLOW AGAINNNNN!!! This was really good but perhaps a tad bit too expensive. Best to share cost with your friends haha. Onsen egg wrapped in meat!!! Really hard to find in Singapore, I'm pretty sure on Imakatsu has this unique dish!

Spicy Pork Don, (+/-) $13.80
Mixing together special spicy source and premium pork from Kagoshima prefecture in Japan, you can enjoy sweetness in hot taste. 

William and Gin loved this! But I didn't because I can't eat spicy food. ): I ate a piece of pork though and it was tender and yummy!!! I'm sure it'll fit the taste-buds of most Singaporeans!

Premium Oyakodon, (+/-) $14.80
This is a bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs. They use special source and fresh chicken, and in the end, Japanese aseptic onseng egg is added on top.

THIS IS MY FAVOURITE!!! Because I love eggs and rice! I love the cold udon with onsen egg too but this is nicer and more filling because it's rice! I'm such a carbohydrate-lover!

Thank you Imakatsu for the lovely lunch! 

xoxo, kaitinghearts