Brew Belly

Brew Belly is a bright cafe over at the Clarke Quay area, with a pop feel!

Dawn and I showcasing the Timmermans strawberry and peach flaboured beer which is especially yummy with no bitter after-taste! 

Taking a look around the spacious interior. Brew Belly is the place to go to chill and drink before you head to clubbing in the vicinity. Located at 20 Hong Kong Street #01-03, S059663, it's just a stone's throw from Clarke Quay mrt station. 

I love the artwork on the walls!

There's even a dart machine! 

 Brew Belly's menu!

 Beverage menu.

Reminder that their happy hour is 5-8pm daily! On Fridays and Saturdays, their beer is going at only 18 per jug!

Tried the beer; LOVED IT!

 Carbonara pasta. SUPER YUMMY!! Love how the taste of the bacon was strong enough to savour.

 Chicken chop! Didn't know that it came with so many side dishes!

 This was so good as well! Especially the potato wedges.

 One of their specialty: tom yam pasta! I ordered this to try but it ended up being too spicy for me. Only recommended for spicy-food lovers!


Sooooo good! Bite-sized as well. Nom!

 Trying out darts and realizing I suck at it hahaha.

It'd be hard to miss, even at night! Anyway, they provide free wifi if you'd be nice enough to ask for the password! (;

 Thank you Dawn for inviting me down for the food tasting! Ken and I had a great time!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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