PrimaDeli Lava Cheese Tarts

PrimaDéli is proud to introduce its take on the mouthwatering treat to Singapore fans! The newest addition to the homegrown brand’s vast selection of confectionaries – which range from specialty cakes to puff pastries – is an oozy, molten Lava Cheese Tart presented in two tasty flavours: Original and Salted Yolk.

Rich & creamy cheese paired with molten salted yolk encased in melt-in-your-mouth buttery crust. Need I say more?

The Lava Cheese Tart Original features a generous amount of delicious cheese filling in a buttery shortcrust pastry. The tarts are baked to a golden brown, creating a caramelised finish. This delectable molten filling is revealed once you sink your teeth into these fragrant tarts.

I can personally vouch for the delicious taste of both the original and the salted egg yolk lava cheese tarts!! It was so goood and I finished up one egg tart in a matter of minutes. I love how the sweet taste of the custard matches perfectly with the salted yolk. A blend of flavours enclosed in a crispy outside makes for a really good snack!

Fans of salted egg yolk will love the Salted Yolk Lava Cheese Tart, which features a layer of rich salted yolk custard topped with cheese filling. Each bite offers a perfect balance of sweet and savoury, making it a delightful treat. Similar to the PrimaDéli’s Egg Tarts and Chicken Pies, these Lava Cheese Tarts also come in the signature oval shape. 

From now till 30 April 2016, enjoy the Lava Cheese Tart Original at $2.00 (U.P. $2.40) and the Salted Yolk Lava Cheese Tart at $2.40 (U.P. $2.80). Lava Cheese Tarts will be available at all PrimaDéli outlets from today. Limited quantities are available in-store daily, while stocks last.

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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