The Rotisserie's Specialty Chicken & Gourmet Salads

The Rotisserie is a no-fuss, quick-paced restaurant serving up freshly roasted chicken and other hearty meals at an affordable price. This self-service restaurant moves like clockwork with a smooth operating system for quick order taking and pick-ups!

Ken and I enjoyed their specialty chicken and gourmet salads! We were also delighted to find out that at the usual restaurant price, Rotisserie serves up huge portions of food!

Are you working in the CBD area and always eat the same thing for lunch? Why not try out the lunch meals at Rotisserie! Conveniently located at Suntec City Mall (Tower 4) #B1-107, it's really the perfect place for you to spend your lunch hour before heading back to the grind.

Roasted Chicken Penne Pasta, $14
Simple yet very tasteful, this penne pasta is the choice to make when you're looking for something that will delight your stomach and tastebuds!

Half Roasted Chicken with Hot Chips/Vegetables/Salad, $19
Rotisserie baths their chicken in a secret recipe marinade concoction for 12 hours and then firmly massage them with their special homemade Aussie spice mix before gently roasting them over the spit till tender and juicy. They are then served with fresh gourmet salads or hot sides of creamy mash or crispy seasoned chips. I guess that's why there's no surprise how this is their most popular signature dish!

Half Pork Knuckle, $21
Enjoyed this generous serving of pork knuckle with Rotisserie's sauce and their crispy fries I can never seem to get enough of.

Black Angus Burger, $14 
Juicy and messy, that's the way to have your burgers! 200g of Australian beef patty, gamon bacon, relish, lettuce and BBQ sauce. Served with a huge portion of delicious fries and salad, it makes for a wholesome meal.

Our spread of good food! I like how all of their food are priced so affordably for such a huge portion, it's really value for money! For ladies who have a smaller stomach, it's recommended that two ladies share one portion. One dish here can easily last me a whole day and I struggled to even finish it! Do you know that The Rotisserie also offers online order for delivery? Check out HERE for more information!

Thank you Weikai for the invite and The Rotisserie for having us over, we enjoyed the good company and the good food!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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