Printwich - Affordable Quality Photo Prints

Printwich is an online concept print store which prints quality photos at affordable prices! 

PrintwichShop is where memories come alive - on prints. They constantly source for simple and sophisticated (and sometimes absolutely adorable) display accessories to complement your photos. Simply put - they want to be the happiest print store around!

Your photos get only the best treatment at the Printwich store! Photos are printed using high-end professional graphic printers and superior thick paper. I can attest to that because the prints I received were all printed clear on quality paper!

Photostrips are great to add a little nostalgia to your wall decoration. Each photostrip have 4 photos, each photo measures 4cm X 4cm and each strip measures 5cm X 17.5cm. Printed on premium thick paper with a smooth semi-matt finish. Prices start at a set of 10 strips (40 photos) at $14.

Signature squares are the most popular choice to print your Instagram photos! 10cm x 10cm with a 3mm white border. Prices start at $10 for a set of 8 photos.

These Old School prints are the polaroids look-alike but on Printwich's high quality paper stock to keep your memories preserved better. Print measures 5.5cm X 8.5cm and the printed image measures 4.9cm X 6.5cm. Prices start at a set of 21 for $12.

The photostrips are my favourite! I love how Printwich chose the right photos to match in a photostrip. The first strip includes photos taken on my 23rd birthday last year, the second one photos from Taiwan/Macau and the last one features photos of Ken and I. So pretty!

Get your prints at a 15% off with the code 'kaiting' at valid till 17th April! Best for anniversary gifts, birthdays and even scrapbooks because the photo print quality are awesome! Thank you Printwich for sending my photos over!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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