Twelve Cupcakes - Admin Week Promotion

Twelve Cupcakes promise to deliver only freshly baked cupcakes that are handmade from scratch daily. Coupled with the use of quality gourmet ingredients, they do not cut corners in creating the perfect cupcake that is suited to the Asian palate.

They are the perfect thing to bring to any gathering, or just to give your day a sweet ending! Starting from today to Friday, Twelve Cupcakes is having an admin week where you can get discounts!

A Twelve Cupcakes Cupcake is moist, fluffier and less sweet with a light smooth frosting that is pleasing to the palate. Many satisfy their sweet-tooth cravings with these elegant-looking treats that are housed in their signature pink boxes. 

If you haven't tried Twelve Cupcakes before, this is the best time! From Monday to Friday this week (25th - 29th April), get $3 off a box of 6 at Twelve Cupcakes by flashing their photo on their Instagram! Enjoy your delicious treat!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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