Savour Harry's Bar New Menu

Buckle up for a delicious adventure just around the corner with Harry's brand new menu! Featuring delightful new additions alongside well-loved favourites, there is perhaps no better time than now to head to Harry's for a delicious urban getaway. 

I savoured the delicious additions to Harry's menu alongside actor friends Daniel and Vivien and I can say I'll definitely be back for more! For the rest of you, kick start your adventure with a $20 dining voucher when you download Harry's SG App! More information HERE.

Harry’s begun with a flagship outlet set against the scenic Boat Quay in 1992. Over the years, Harry’s has grown to become Singapore’s most well-established bar and dining chain — with outlets located at key business districts and suburban areas. Click HERE to find out where you can visit Harry's!

The chic bar and dining establishment is home to many: the sports fanatics watching a live telecast, friends catching up with each other, and even families spending quality time together. Harry’s is always ready to offer you the quality brew you need, perfectly paired with a delectable range of menu offerings carefully executed to suit every taste.

Harry's Signature Wings
Harry's signature treat when friends come by: crispy wings dressed with their house bland of spices. Delicious and tasty, it's everyone's favourite!

Chips Royale
An extra punch to your crunch: enjoy these crisps with breaded calamari and baby horse mackerels. Matched with the perfect sauce, it's a sure-dip!

Soy-Glazed Beef Cubes
A man with a flavourful plate of crispy beef in one hand (and a fruity red in another) is a happy man indeed. MY FAVOURITE OF THE LOT!!! Succulent and tender, this beef cube looks ordinary but tastes extraordinary! Try it yourself to find out.

Sriracha Seafood Platter
Sriracha-based flatbread topped with prawns and squid rings. Maybe it's because I don't fancy flatbread, and also because it's more on the spicy side which I cannot take; I don't really like this.

Tropical Freeze and Shirley Temple.
Makes for the perfect perk-me-up in Singapore's humid climate.

Cold Soba Summer Salad
A go-to treat when the sun is hot: chilled soba noodles with breaded mushrooms, radish, carrot, corn and a dash of truffle oil.

Have you had salad with soba before? I HAVEN'T, and THIS DISH MADE ME WANT TO HAVE IT FOR EVERY MEAL! It was so gooooood, and me who always opt to not have vegetables if I can, enjoyed this dish so much! Not to mention it's such a healthy choice and the breaded mushrooms went so well with the soba noodles. Slurps!

Slow-Braised Beef Cheeks
Seek comfort in these braised beef cheeks sow-cooked till tender, contrasted with crisp onion rings, fine beans and a bed of creamy mash. Potatoes checked, tender beef checked, onion checked, what's there not to like?

Fillet O'Harry
Nachos-breaded Halibut fillet topped with jalapeno cheese sauce and tartar sauce, held together between toasted burger buns. Served with chips and kimchi-slaw. The classic for fish-lovers

Sticky Date Toffee Pudding
What's more comforting than a warm, sweet sticky date pudding with toffee sauce, served alongside drizzled vanilla ice-cream? Answer: NOTHING ELSE! Enjoyed this dessert very much!

Adult Cheesecake Sundae
A cheeky twist on everyone's favourite dessert with cheesecake and half a shot of Baileys on the side!

A creative way of eating cheesecake where the different layers and ingredients in a cheesecake are separated, but still their tastes go together in your mouth for a savoury end to your meal.

Ending off our meal with Harry's special shots. Cheers!
Thank you Harry's Bar for having us over, we really enjoyed the delicious meal! Remember to download Harry's SG App for a $20 dining voucher straightaway, as well as get 15% rebate for every meal and many other perks! Find out more information here. Don't say I never share!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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