Tea Party @ Mondo Vantaggio

I'm back, feeling refreshed as I celebrated Mother's Day over the weekend with a visit to Mondo Vantaggio, the multi-label luxury boutique!

If you haven't heard of Mondo Vantaggio, head to my blog post HERE to read about it!

Brought my beloved mummy down for her to feast her eyes in this pretty boutique store!

They have a huge range of branded goods available, and quite a few caught my eye! Especially this bright pink back from Saint Laurent and the Givenchy handbag!

My mum likes this Miu Miu bag though which isn't really my style. However, it's a huge boutique so every lady is bound to find something they like. Grab and go with Mondo Vantaggio's competitive prices!

The gorgeous wrapped boxes add on to the joy of getting your luxury goods!

Are you a shoe-lover? You'll fall in love with the racks of shoes here.

Of course there's a selection of women's footwear as well!!!

Spacious and inviting, it's really the place to shop for luxury goods!

The VVIP room to provide you with the best professional service.

Red has always been my mum's favourite colour, but she loves her current Burberry bag too much to let go of it for another. Maybe in the future, I'll definitely come back to Mondo Vantaggio to shop for my luxury goods!

Same bag, but different colour. The blue Burberry bag is my mum's own, and the red/pink one is the one on Mondo Vantaggio's shelf. Here I would like to highlight the price difference for the same bag, and to show that Mondo Vantaggio really has competitive prices! We spotted my mum's bag was at the Burberry boutique store at Ion Orchard going for $2300+ while the same bag here was only going for $1500+ wow!

They have an in-house cafe: The Tiramisu Hero, where we got to enjoy coffee and snacks after we're done admiring the store and luxury goods.

We enjoyed the tea snacks (chocolate eclair!!) and the mini sandwiches!

My iced vanilla latte which was delicious and surprisingly not too sweet.

Tiramisu Hero's famous cake in a jar.

Thank you Mondo Vantaggio for having us over for the Mother's Day tea party event!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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