Dazzling Day Out - Dazzling Cafe's New Menu

Dazzling Cafe is back to dazzle!!! Dazzling Cafe’s Singapore flagship outlet located in the Capitol Piazza has officially launched their new western fusion menu containing completely original recipes by Michelin restaurant trained Chef Cliff Tan!

I had the honour to grace the Dazzling Day Out event and enjoyed the food and ambience thoroughly! Read on as I take you through some of the dishes in the new menu.

Famous for their honey toasts as their star attraction, the acclaimed Dazzling Honey Toast uses toast bread that is baked and delivered fresh every single day. They use only premium Haagen-Daz ice cream and customized gelato (for exotic flavours like Gula Melaka) to top out their Honey Toasts. You can be assured that every bite you take is meticulously prepared with only the finest ingredients that has been validated through stringent standards. As such with the new menu, the same stringent standards are upheld with the ingredients.

Dazzling Day Out featured Vaniday, a rapidly growing beauty booking app, and BITSY, a local startup that connects people to temporary commercial spaces. At Dazzling Day Out, visitors indulged in Vaniday’s beauty services provided in the restaurant while dining in.

As part of Dazzling Cafe’s upcoming brand campaign “Dazzle Someone,” the management team has decided to recreate their entire dining experience and take the regular menu at their Singapore flagship location up a notch. The new menu designed by head chef, Cliff Tan, who has trained in the two Michelinstar restaurant Le Parc Franck Putelat in France, aims to introduce Singapore’s discerning diners to fresh and innovative dishes, as I will introduce below.

Forget Me Not Iced Tea, $6
Tea with fragrant flower petals, it's a sure thirst-quencher. I found this light and refreshing, easy to go with my meal as it washes down the food nicely.

Mozzarella & Cucumber Granita Salad, $10
Thinly shredded Japanese cucumber topped with mozzarella balls, beetroot pearl jelly, olive crumble, radish, cucumber granita and drizzled with balsamic reduction. A unique salad where the mozzarella cheese comes in the form of a little ball. The beetroot pearl jelly was nice and fresh and that was the part of the salad I enjoyed the most.

Shrimp Paste Winglets, $11.50
Homemade shrimp paste marinated winglets glazed with sweet and sour sauce, a modified Singaporean delight. Who doesn't love chicken wings? This was good, even if there is nothing special about it.

Dazzling Potato Doughnut, $21
Crisp handmade potato doughnut filled with pork bratwurst, shallot confit topped with soft boiled egg and apple caramel sauce! It's a Dazzling Cafe original recipe and of course, a must-try!

The flowly egg mixed with the doughnut and its ingredients made for a unique taste which I really enjoyed. This may look small but looks are deceiving because it was really filling!

Thai Tom Yum Seafood Rigatoni, $21
Spicy tom yum tomato sauce with prawns, mussels, baby scallops and basil. I'm not a fan of spicy food and I found this dish to be slightly bland as well. Wouldn't recommend to order this! Unless you're a big big fan of Thai tom yum.

Shredded Duck Confit & Mash, $26
Duck leg confit shreds on creamy mashed potato mixed with camembert, peas and chicken jus. Wow, this is AMAZING! Best dish as voted by everyone on the table. The shredded duck and the soft mashed potato made the dish very easy to chew and swallow, and the savourful taste completes the dining experience.

On Cloud 9
Dessert specially curated for us on Dazzling Day Out! Basically it's a huge wad of prettily-coloured cotton candy atop Dazzling Cafe's signature honey toast. Yum yum!

Pink Unicorn Milkshake, $10
Made with quality Haagen-Daz icecream, this strawberry milkshake is perfect! Best thing is the sweetness level is JUST right, making it not too sweet! Plus who can resist the shiny pink unicorn? Definitely not me.

Thank you Dazzling Cafe for having me down for a Dazzling Day Out! Dazzling Cafe's new western fusion menu is available at Dazzling Cafe Mint: Capitol Piazza #01-85. Head down for your share of fun and glitter!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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